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Image Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

25m, 30m

Paradise Beach is an Australian television series made by Village Roadshow Pictures. It is associated with New World Television for the Nine Network that aired between 1993 and 1994. The series is set around characters living and working on Queensland's Gold Coast and was filmed largely on location, offering views of crashing waves, golden beaches and scantily clad young women and men. Paradise Beach was intended not only as a rival to Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away but also to be the first breakthrough Australian soap to make it in America.

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  • Image Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane
  • Image Andrew McKaige
    Andrew McKaige
  • Image Ingo Rademacher
    Ingo Rademacher
  • Image Isla Fisher
    Isla Fisher
  • Image Jaason Simmons
    Jaason Simmons
  • Image Kimberley Joseph
    Kimberley Joseph
  • Image Manu Bennett
    Manu Bennett
  • Image Matt Lattanzi
    Matt Lattanzi
  • Image Megan Connolly
    Megan Connolly
  • Image Melissa Bell
    Melissa Bell
  • Image Melissa Tkautz
    Melissa Tkautz
  • Image Michael Caton
    Michael Caton
  • Image Paula Duncan
    Paula Duncan
  • Image Raelee Hill
    Raelee Hill
  • Image Scott Michaelson
    Scott Michaelson
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