Paradise Drifters

1h 25m
  • Paradise Drifters
  • 02-04-2020
  • Drama
  • Mees Peijnenburg
  • 0 votes

A fragmented portrayal of three homeless young adults who are heading to southern Europe in search of money, love and happiness.


  • Image Bilal Wahib
    Bilal Wahib
  • Image Camilla Siegertsz
    Camilla Siegertsz
  • Image Jonas Smulders
    Jonas Smulders
  • Image Joren Seldeslachts
    Joren Seldeslachts
  • Image Micha Hulshof
    Micha Hulshof
  • Image Steef Cuijpers
    Steef Cuijpers
  • Image Tamar van Waning
    Tamar van Waning
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