Paris, 13th District

1h 46m

Émilie meets Camille who is attracted to Nora, who crosses paths with Amber. Three girls and a boy – They’re friends, sometimes lovers and often both.


  • Image Agathe Mougin
    Agathe Mougin
  • Image Anaïde Rozam
    Anaïde Rozam
  • Image Annabelle Milot
    Annabelle Milot
  • Image Bruno Dondero
    Bruno Dondero
  • Image Camille Léon-Fucien
    Camille Léon-Fucien
  • Image Carl Malapa
    Carl Malapa
  • Image Fabienne Galula
    Fabienne Galula
  • Image Feichan Zeng
    Feichan Zeng
  • Image Feng Lili
    Feng Lili
  • Image Geneviève Doang
    Geneviève Doang
  • Image Hugo Lacroix
    Hugo Lacroix
  • Image Isadora Guzniczak
    Isadora Guzniczak
  • Image Jeanne Disson
    Jeanne Disson
  • Image Jehnny Beth
    Jehnny Beth
  • Image Jules Benchetrit
    Jules Benchetrit
  • Image Léa Rostain
    Léa Rostain
  • Image Léo Mira
    Léo Mira
  • Image Lilian Nze Nong
    Lilian Nze Nong
  • Image Lily Rubens
    Lily Rubens
  • Image Line Phé
    Line Phé
  • Image Lucie Zhang
    Lucie Zhang
  • Image Lumina Wang
    Lumina Wang
  • Image Makita Samba
    Makita Samba
  • Image Mattéo La Cappria
    Mattéo La Cappria
  • Image Nicolas Godart
    Nicolas Godart
  • Image Noémie Merlant
    Noémie Merlant
  • Image Oceane Cairaty
    Oceane Cairaty
  • Image Ornella Nzingoula
    Ornella Nzingoula
  • Image Patrick Guérineau
    Patrick Guérineau
  • Image Pol White
    Pol White
  • Image Raphaël Quenard
    Raphaël Quenard
  • Image Raphaelle Doyle
    Raphaelle Doyle
  • Image Rong-Ying Yang
    Rong-Ying Yang
  • Image Soumayé Bocoum
    Soumayé Bocoum
  • Image Stephen Manas
    Stephen Manas
  • Image Steve Chaban
    Steve Chaban
  • Image Teki Latex
    Teki Latex
  • Image Théotim Leclerc
    Théotim Leclerc
  • Image Tony Harrisson
    Tony Harrisson
  • Image Tony Zola
    Tony Zola
  • Image Weiting Chao
    Weiting Chao
  • Image Xing Xing Cheng
    Xing Xing Cheng
  • Image Yves Yan
    Yves Yan
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