2h 6m

Two competing lawyers join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. As their unlikely friendship develops their courage overcomes the prejudice and corruption of their powerful adversaries.


  • Image Adam LeFevre
    Adam LeFevre
  • Image Ana Leza
    Ana Leza
  • Image Andre B. Blake
    Andre B. Blake
  • Image Ann Dowd
    Ann Dowd
  • Image Anna Deavere Smith
    Anna Deavere Smith
  • Image Antonio Banderas
    Antonio Banderas
  • Image Bill Rowe
    Bill Rowe
  • Image Bob Bowersox
    Bob Bowersox
  • Image Bradley Whitford
    Bradley Whitford
  • Image Buzz Kilman
    Buzz Kilman
  • Image Chandra Wilson
    Chandra Wilson
  • Image Charles Glenn
    Charles Glenn
  • Image Charles Napier
    Charles Napier
  • Image Charles Techman
    Charles Techman
  • Image Dan Olmstead
    Dan Olmstead
  • Image Daniel Chapman
    Daniel Chapman
  • Image Daniel von Bargen
    Daniel von Bargen
  • Image David Drake
    David Drake
  • Image Denzel Washington
    Denzel Washington
  • Image Ford Wheeler
    Ford Wheeler
  • Image Gary Goetzman
    Gary Goetzman
  • Image Gene Borkan
    Gene Borkan
  • Image Harry Northup
    Harry Northup
  • Image Jaime Gomez
    Jaime Gomez
  • Image Jason Robards
    Jason Robards
  • Image Jeffrey Williamson
    Jeffrey Williamson
  • Image Jim Roche
    Jim Roche
  • Image Joanne Woodward
    Joanne Woodward
  • Image Joey Perillo
    Joey Perillo
  • Image John Bedford Lloyd
    John Bedford Lloyd
  • Image José Castillo
    José Castillo
  • Image Julius Erving
    Julius Erving
  • Image Karen Finley
    Karen Finley
  • Image Kathryn Witt
    Kathryn Witt
  • Image Kenneth Utt
    Kenneth Utt
  • Image Lauren Roselli
    Lauren Roselli
  • Image Lawrence T. Wrentz
    Lawrence T. Wrentz
  • Image Lisa Summerour
    Lisa Summerour
  • Image Lisa Talerico
    Lisa Talerico
  • Image Lucas Platt
    Lucas Platt
  • Image Mark Sorensen Jr.
    Mark Sorensen Jr.
  • Image Mary Steenburgen
    Mary Steenburgen
  • Image Obba Babatundé
    Obba Babatundé
  • Image Paul Lazar
    Paul Lazar
  • Image Peter Jacobs
    Peter Jacobs
  • Image Q. Lazzarus
    Q. Lazzarus
  • Image Quentin Crisp
    Quentin Crisp
  • Image Robert Ridgely
    Robert Ridgely
  • Image Robert W. Castle
    Robert W. Castle
  • Image Roberta Maxwell
    Roberta Maxwell
  • Image Roger Corman
    Roger Corman
  • Image Ron Vawter
    Ron Vawter
  • Image Roy Blount, Jr.
    Roy Blount, Jr.
  • Image Stephanie Roth Haberle
    Stephanie Roth Haberle
  • Image Tak Fujimoto
    Tak Fujimoto
  • Image Tom Detrik
    Tom Detrik
  • Image Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks
  • Image Tony Devon
    Tony Devon
  • Image Tony Fitzpatrick
    Tony Fitzpatrick
  • Image Tracey Walter
    Tracey Walter
  • Image Warren Miller
    Warren Miller
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