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Plan "B"


Full-time mother Hong Nga-yau and her husband Yau Tsoi-shan have a two-year-old daughter called Yau Yat-tung. The family are under constant pressure as they and Nga-yau’s parents Hong Lok and Fong Chor-kiu are living under the same roof. Tsoi-shan covertly plots to break free from Chor-kiu’s control. But his parents Yau Tai-long and Kam Mei-foon keep making trouble, causing Tsoi-shan to be always in the wrong. There is constant conflict between Nga-yau and Tsoi-shan as the couple cannot agree on how to split parenting duties. Nga-yau insists on going to work. Meanwhile, stress and strife between “the four elders” is not melting away. Tsoi-shan’s younger brother Yau Tsoi-fung and his wife Cheung Pik-chi, and Ngai-yau’s elder cousin sister Ip Fan and her husband Kwan Chi-chung are faced with contradictions and hurdles with regards to raising children. In the process, children are invariably proved to be the key for parents to seize opportunities for life-long learning and maturation.

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  • Image Eliza Sam
    Eliza Sam
  • Image Hugo Ng
    Hugo Ng
  • Image James Ng Yip-Kwan
    James Ng Yip-Kwan
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    Jonathan Cheung
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    Kenneth Ma
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    Kiki Sheung
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    Lee Kwok-Lun
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    Mandy Wong
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    Mimi Kung
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    Yoyo Chen
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