Point Blank

1h 26m

A nurse is forced to spring a wounded murder suspect from the hospital when the man’s brother kidnaps his pregnant wife and wants to make a trade.


  • Image Adam Green
    Adam Green
  • Image Adam Simon
    Adam Simon
  • Image Anthony Mackie
    Anthony Mackie
  • Image Bob Herzog
    Bob Herzog
  • Image Boris McGiver
    Boris McGiver
  • Image Brendan Johnston
    Brendan Johnston
  • Image Bryan Coffee
    Bryan Coffee
  • Image Bryan Patrick McCulley
    Bryan Patrick McCulley
  • Image Buster Reeves
    Buster Reeves
  • Image Carly Tamborski
    Carly Tamborski
  • Image Cate Dean
    Cate Dean
  • Image Christian Cooke
    Christian Cooke
  • Image Clara Harris
    Clara Harris
  • Image Damien Bray
    Damien Bray
  • Image Daniel R. Hill
    Daniel R. Hill
  • Image Frank Grillo
    Frank Grillo
  • Image James Siderits
    James Siderits
  • Image Joe Lynch
    Joe Lynch
  • Image Marcia Gay Harden
    Marcia Gay Harden
  • Image Markice Moore
    Markice Moore
  • Image Marvin Green
    Marvin Green
  • Image Ming Wang
    Ming Wang
  • Image Nik Pajic
    Nik Pajic
  • Image Phineas Clark
    Phineas Clark
  • Image Reggie Willis
    Reggie Willis
  • Image Shanessa Sweeney
    Shanessa Sweeney
  • Image Sheila Gray Robinson
    Sheila Gray Robinson
  • Image Stuart F. Wilson
    Stuart F. Wilson
  • Image Teyonah Parris
    Teyonah Parris
  • Image Tony L. Winstead
    Tony L. Winstead
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