Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

1h 16m
  • ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY 破壊の繭とディアンシー
  • 19-07-2014
  • Animation
  • Kunihiko Yuyama
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In the Diamond Ore Country lies the powerful Holy Diamond, which has served as the kingdom's source of energy and maintained the Diamond Ore Country for centuries. Many Melecie live in the Diamond Ore Country, including their princess - the Jewel Pokémon, Diancie, who created the Heart Diamond. Diancie no longer has the power to control the Holy Diamond and her country is falling into chaos as a result. One day, Diancie meets with Satoshi and his friends and asks them to go on a journey to find the Life Pokémon, Xerneas, in order to restore the Holy Diamond. Standing in their way is the Pokémon of Destruction, Yveltal, who once stole all of the life in the Kalos Region. During their journey they are attacked by the Rocket Gang, as well as the jewel thieves Marilyn Flame and Ninja Riot. They are aided by Millis Steel and her father Argus, travelers who also encounter the Cocoon of Destruction.


  • Image Atsuto Uchida
    Atsuto Uchida
  • Image Ikue Otani
    Ikue Otani
  • Image Inuko Inuyama
    Inuko Inuyama
  • Image Kensuke Satou
    Kensuke Satou
  • Image Kenta Miyake
    Kenta Miyake
  • Image Kouichi Yamadera
    Kouichi Yamadera
  • Image Marika Matsumoto
    Marika Matsumoto
  • Image Mariya Ise
    Mariya Ise
  • Image Mayuki Makiguchi
    Mayuki Makiguchi
  • Image Megumi Hayashibara
    Megumi Hayashibara
  • Image Megumi Satou
    Megumi Satou
  • Image Miyu Sawai
    Miyu Sawai
  • Image Reiji Nakagawa
    Reiji Nakagawa
  • Image Rica Matsumoto
    Rica Matsumoto
  • Image Rika Adachi
    Rika Adachi
  • Image Shin-ichiro Miki
    Shin-ichiro Miki
  • Image Shoko Nakagawa
    Shoko Nakagawa
  • Image Shozo Iizuka
    Shozo Iizuka
  • Image Tsuyoshi Nakagawa
    Tsuyoshi Nakagawa
  • Image Unsho Ishizuka
    Unsho Ishizuka
  • Image Yoshiko Mita
    Yoshiko Mita
  • Image Yuji Ueda
    Yuji Ueda
  • Image Yuki Kaji
    Yuki Kaji
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