Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

1h 30m
  • Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
  • 17-03-1988
  • Comedy, Crime
  • Alan Myerson
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The Police Academy misfits travel to Miami, Florida for their academy's commanding officer, Lassard, to receive a prestigious lifetime award pending his retirement, which takes a turn involving a group of jewel thieves after their stolen loot that Lassard unknowingly has in his possession.


  • Image Bubba Smith
    Bubba Smith
  • Image David Graf
    David Graf
  • Image Ed Kovens
    Ed Kovens
  • Image G. W. Bailey
    G. W. Bailey
  • Image George Gaynes
    George Gaynes
  • Image James Hampton
    James Hampton
  • Image Janet Jones
    Janet Jones
  • Image Lance Kinsey
    Lance Kinsey
  • Image Leslie Easterbrook
    Leslie Easterbrook
  • Image Marion Ramsey
    Marion Ramsey
  • Image Matt McCoy
    Matt McCoy
  • Image Michael Winslow
    Michael Winslow
  • Image Ruben Rabasa
    Ruben Rabasa
  • Image Susan Hatfield
    Susan Hatfield
  • Image Tab Thacker
    Tab Thacker
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