1h 37m

Predestination chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to prevent future killers from committing their crimes. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must stop the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time and prevent a devastating attack in which thousands of lives will be lost.


  • Image Alexis Fernandez
    Alexis Fernandez
  • Image Alicia Pavlis
    Alicia Pavlis
  • Image Annabelle Norman
    Annabelle Norman
  • Image Arielle O'Neill
    Arielle O'Neill
  • Image Ben Prendergast
    Ben Prendergast
  • Image Carmen Warrington
    Carmen Warrington
  • Image Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen
    Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen
  • Image Cate Wolfe
    Cate Wolfe
  • Image Charlie Alexander-Powell
    Charlie Alexander-Powell
  • Image Christina Tan
    Christina Tan
  • Image Christopher Bunworth
    Christopher Bunworth
  • Image Christopher Kirby
    Christopher Kirby
  • Image Christopher Sommers
    Christopher Sommers
  • Image Christopher Stollery
    Christopher Stollery
  • Image David Rock
    David Rock
  • Image Dennis Coard
    Dennis Coard
  • Image Elise Jansen
    Elise Jansen
  • Image Eliza D'Souza
    Eliza D'Souza
  • Image Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke
  • Image Ewa Bartecki
    Ewa Bartecki
  • Image Felicity Steel
    Felicity Steel
  • Image Finegan Sampson
    Finegan Sampson
  • Image Freya Stafford
    Freya Stafford
  • Image Giordano Gangl
    Giordano Gangl
  • Image Grant Piro
    Grant Piro
  • Image Hayley Butcher
    Hayley Butcher
  • Image Jamie Gleeson
    Jamie Gleeson
  • Image Jim Knobeloch
    Jim Knobeloch
  • Image Katie Avram
    Katie Avram
  • Image Kristen Norman
    Kristen Norman
  • Image Kristie Jandric
    Kristie Jandric
  • Image Kuni Hashimoto
    Kuni Hashimoto
  • Image Louise Talmadge
    Louise Talmadge
  • Image Lucinda Armstrong Hall
    Lucinda Armstrong Hall
  • Image Madeleine Dixon
    Madeleine Dixon
  • Image Madeleine West
    Madeleine West
  • Image Maja Sarosiek
    Maja Sarosiek
  • Image Marky Lee Campbell
    Marky Lee Campbell
  • Image Melissa Avram
    Melissa Avram
  • Image Michael Norman
    Michael Norman
  • Image Milla Simmonds
    Milla Simmonds
  • Image Monique Heath
    Monique Heath
  • Image Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor
  • Image Noel Herriman
    Noel Herriman
  • Image Olivia Sprague
    Olivia Sprague
  • Image Paul Moder
    Paul Moder
  • Image Raj Sidhu
    Raj Sidhu
  • Image Ray Tiernan
    Ray Tiernan
  • Image Rebecca Cullinan
    Rebecca Cullinan
  • Image Richard Whybrow
    Richard Whybrow
  • Image Rob Jenkins
    Rob Jenkins
  • Image Ruby Simmonds
    Ruby Simmonds
  • Image Sara El-Yafi
    Sara El-Yafi
  • Image Sarah Snook
    Sarah Snook
  • Image Scott Norman
    Scott Norman
  • Image Sharon Kershaw
    Sharon Kershaw
  • Image Smith Alexander-Powell
    Smith Alexander-Powell
  • Image Sophie Cusworth
    Sophie Cusworth
  • Image Sophie Van Den Akker
    Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Image Tony Nikolakopoulos
    Tony Nikolakopoulos
  • Image Tyler Coppin
    Tyler Coppin
  • Image Vanessa Crouch
    Vanessa Crouch
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