Project Power

1h 53m

An ex-soldier, a teen and a cop collide in New Orleans as they hunt for the source behind a dangerous new pill that grants users temporary superpowers.


  • Image Aaron Mitchell
    Aaron Mitchell
  • Image Allen Maldonado
    Allen Maldonado
  • Image Amy Landecker
    Amy Landecker
  • Image Andrene Ward-Hammond
    Andrene Ward-Hammond
  • Image Austin David Jones
    Austin David Jones
  • Image Azhar Khan
    Azhar Khan
  • Image Brian Held Jr.
    Brian Held Jr.
  • Image C.J. LeBlanc
    C.J. LeBlanc
  • Image Carli McIntyre
    Carli McIntyre
  • Image Casey Neistat
    Casey Neistat
  • Image CG Lewis
    CG Lewis
  • Image Chad Governale
    Chad Governale
  • Image Chika
  • Image Chip Carriere
    Chip Carriere
  • Image Christopher Winchester
    Christopher Winchester
  • Image Cory DeMeyers
    Cory DeMeyers
  • Image Courtney B. Vance
    Courtney B. Vance
  • Image Dane Rhodes
    Dane Rhodes
  • Image David Merriam
    David Merriam
  • Image Dominique Fishback
    Dominique Fishback
  • Image Eric Scarabin
    Eric Scarabin
  • Image Jamie Foxx
    Jamie Foxx
  • Image Jazzy De Lisser
    Jazzy De Lisser
  • Image Jim Klock
    Jim Klock
  • Image Jon Eyez
    Jon Eyez
  • Image Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Image Joseph Poliquin
    Joseph Poliquin
  • Image Justin Carmouche
    Justin Carmouche
  • Image Keyana Rodney
    Keyana Rodney
  • Image Kim Baptiste
    Kim Baptiste
  • Image Kyanna Simone Simpson
    Kyanna Simone Simpson
  • Image Luke Hawx
    Luke Hawx
  • Image Machine Gun Kelly
    Machine Gun Kelly
  • Image Michael Wozniak
    Michael Wozniak
  • Image Michelle Torres
    Michelle Torres
  • Image Mike R. Moreau
    Mike R. Moreau
  • Image Mike Seal
    Mike Seal
  • Image Oren Hawxhurst
    Oren Hawxhurst
  • Image Peter Jaymes Jr.
    Peter Jaymes Jr.
  • Image Robert Junkins
    Robert Junkins
  • Image Rodrigo Santoro
    Rodrigo Santoro
  • Image Rose Bianco
    Rose Bianco
  • Image Sam Malone
    Sam Malone
  • Image Sienna Jeffries
    Sienna Jeffries
  • Image Tait Fletcher
    Tait Fletcher
  • Image Theodus Crane
    Theodus Crane
  • Image Toney Chapman Steele
    Toney Chapman Steele
  • Image Wild Wayne
    Wild Wayne
  • Image Yoshi Sudarso
    Yoshi Sudarso
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