Prozac Nation

1h 35m

Elizabeth is on the verge of losing her grip on life after she leaves her emotionally fraught home to start college. Quickly, her life takes a turn for the worse: She clashes with her roommate and decides her boyfriend, Rafe, is her sole salvation. Her psychiatrist prescribes Prozac … but is that her only choice?


  • Image Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez
  • Image Andrew Washington
    Andrew Washington
  • Image Anne Heche
    Anne Heche
  • Image Bill Marchant
    Bill Marchant
  • Image Brad Swaile
    Brad Swaile
  • Image Charles Andre
    Charles Andre
  • Image Charles Siegel
    Charles Siegel
  • Image Charles Singh
    Charles Singh
  • Image Chiara Zanni
    Chiara Zanni
  • Image Christina Ricci
    Christina Ricci
  • Image Christine Anton
    Christine Anton
  • Image Cindy Lentol
    Cindy Lentol
  • Image Claude de Martino
    Claude de Martino
  • Image Colby Johannson
    Colby Johannson
  • Image Devon Diep
    Devon Diep
  • Image Emily Perkins
    Emily Perkins
  • Image Frida Betrani
    Frida Betrani
  • Image Ian Tracey
    Ian Tracey
  • Image Jack Fleischer
    Jack Fleischer
  • Image Jason Biggs
    Jason Biggs
  • Image Jennifer Rappo
    Jennifer Rappo
  • Image Jesse Moss
    Jesse Moss
  • Image Jessica Lange
    Jessica Lange
  • Image Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Image Josh Mead
    Josh Mead
  • Image Klodyne Rodney
    Klodyne Rodney
  • Image Lou Reed
    Lou Reed
  • Image Maddy Capozzi
    Maddy Capozzi
  • Image Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams
  • Image Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell
  • Image Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell
  • Image Nicole Parker Smith
    Nicole Parker Smith
  • Image Paul Hoover
    Paul Hoover
  • Image Paula Plum
    Paula Plum
  • Image Rob Freeman
    Rob Freeman
  • Image Ron Truppa
    Ron Truppa
  • Image Sheila Paterson
    Sheila Paterson
  • Image Stephen Basilone
    Stephen Basilone
  • Image Tammy Bentz
    Tammy Bentz
  • Image Todd Poudrier
    Todd Poudrier
  • Image Tom Kent
    Tom Kent
  • Image Wendy Noel
    Wendy Noel
  • Image Zoe Miller
    Zoe Miller
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