Quatermass and the Pit

1h 37m

An ancient Martian spaceship is unearthed in London, and proves to have powerful psychic effects on the people around.


  • Image Andrew Keir
    Andrew Keir
  • Image Barbara Shelley
    Barbara Shelley
  • Image Bee Duffell
    Bee Duffell
  • Image Brian Peck
    Brian Peck
  • Image Bryan Marshall
    Bryan Marshall
  • Image Charles Lamb
    Charles Lamb
  • Image Duncan Lamont
    Duncan Lamont
  • Image Edwin Richfield
    Edwin Richfield
  • Image Grant Taylor
    Grant Taylor
  • Image Hugh Futcher
    Hugh Futcher
  • Image Hugh Manning
    Hugh Manning
  • Image Hugh Morton
    Hugh Morton
  • Image James Culliford
    James Culliford
  • Image James Donald
    James Donald
  • Image John Graham
    John Graham
  • Image Julian Glover
    Julian Glover
  • Image June Ellis
    June Ellis
  • Image Keith Marsh
    Keith Marsh
  • Image Maurice Good
    Maurice Good
  • Image Noel Howlett
    Noel Howlett
  • Image Peter Copley
    Peter Copley
  • Image Robert Morris
    Robert Morris
  • Image Roger Avon
    Roger Avon
  • Image Sheila Steafel
    Sheila Steafel
  • Image Thomas Heathcote
    Thomas Heathcote
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