Raw Deal

1h 46m

Mark Kaminsky is kicked out of the FBI for his rough treatment of a suspect. He winds up as the sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. FBI Chief Harry Shannon, whose son has been killed by a mobster named Patrovina, enlists Kaminsky in a personal vendetta with a promise of reinstatement into the FBI if Patrovina is taken down. To accomplish this, he must go undercover and join Patrovina's gang.


  • Image Alex Ross
    Alex Ross
  • Image Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Image Bill McIntosh
    Bill McIntosh
  • Image Blanche Baker
    Blanche Baker
  • Image Brooks Gardner
    Brooks Gardner
  • Image Cedric Guthrie
    Cedric Guthrie
  • Image Chuck Hart
    Chuck Hart
  • Image Clifford Happy
    Clifford Happy
  • Image Darren McGavin
    Darren McGavin
  • Image Dean Smith
    Dean Smith
  • Image Denver Mattson
    Denver Mattson
  • Image Dick Durock
    Dick Durock
  • Image Ed Lauter
    Ed Lauter
  • Image Frank Ferrara
    Frank Ferrara
  • Image Gary Houston
    Gary Houston
  • Image Gary Olsen
    Gary Olsen
  • Image George P. Wilbur
    George P. Wilbur
  • Image Greg Noonan
    Greg Noonan
  • Image Greg Walker
    Greg Walker
  • Image Howard Elfman
    Howard Elfman
  • Image Jack Hallett
    Jack Hallett
  • Image James Eric
    James Eric
  • Image Jay Butler
    Jay Butler
  • Image Jeff Ramsey
    Jeff Ramsey
  • Image Jery Hewitt
    Jery Hewitt
  • Image Joe Regalbuto
    Joe Regalbuto
  • Image Joel Kramer
    Joel Kramer
  • Image John Clark
    John Clark
  • Image John Hateley
    John Hateley
  • Image John Malloy
    John Malloy
  • Image Kathryn Harrold
    Kathryn Harrold
  • Image Ken Sprunt
    Ken Sprunt
  • Image Kent Hays
    Kent Hays
  • Image Larry Holt
    Larry Holt
  • Image Leon Rippy
    Leon Rippy
  • Image Lorenzo Clemons
    Lorenzo Clemons
  • Image Louise Robey
    Louise Robey
  • Image Mary Cannon
    Mary Cannon
  • Image Michael Adams
    Michael Adams
  • Image Mordecai Lawner
    Mordecai Lawner
  • Image Norman Max Maxwell
    Norman Max Maxwell
  • Image Pat Miller
    Pat Miller
  • Image Paul Shenar
    Paul Shenar
  • Image Phil Adams
    Phil Adams
  • Image R. Pickett Bugg
    R. Pickett Bugg
  • Image Ralph Foody
    Ralph Foody
  • Image Richard McGough
    Richard McGough
  • Image Robert Davi
    Robert Davi
  • Image Sam Wanamaker
    Sam Wanamaker
  • Image Scott Blount
    Scott Blount
  • Image Sharon Rice
    Sharon Rice
  • Image Socorro Santiago
    Socorro Santiago
  • Image Steve Holt
    Steve Holt
  • Image Steven Hill
    Steven Hill
  • Image Sven-Ole Thorsen
    Sven-Ole Thorsen
  • Image Ted Grossman
    Ted Grossman
  • Image Thomas Rosales, Jr.
    Thomas Rosales, Jr.
  • Image Tom Hull
    Tom Hull
  • Image Tony DiBenedetto
    Tony DiBenedetto
  • Image Victor Argo
    Victor Argo
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