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Rebelde is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa and created by Cris Morena. It is a remake of a famous Argentine series Rebelde Way adapted for the Mexican audience therefore leading to differences in characters' backgrounds. The series ran for three seasons, the final episode airing in Mexico on June 2, 2006. Rebelde was replaced in June 2006 with Televisa's new series Código Postal. The series is set at the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school in Mexico City with a major plot line revolving around a group of students forming a pop band. Additional subplots involve the school's faculty and the students' parents. One trademark of the show is the random use of English words and phrases, often used by fresa characters. A notable aspect of the series is that the actors playing the bandmembers are themselves in an actual band named RBD, and perform most of the music used on the show. They have been extremely successful in their own right, becoming one of the most popular acts in Latin America and touring internationally. Rebelde began airing March 21, 2005 and ended on December 15, 2006. The show was also transmitted in 65 other countries, including Serbia, Peru, Romania on Acasa TV, Brazil, Spain on Antena 3, Slovenia, Bulgaria and from September 2009 in Slovakia on TV Doma, in Croatia on Nova TV and in Albania on Vizion Plus.

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  • Image Alberto Nuñez
    Alberto Nuñez
  • Image Alejandra Peniche
    Alejandra Peniche
  • Image Alfonso Herrera
    Alfonso Herrera
  • Image Allisson Lozz
    Allisson Lozz
  • Image Anahí
  • Image Angelique Boyer
    Angelique Boyer
  • Image Antonio Sáinz
    Antonio Sáinz
  • Image Christian Chávez
    Christian Chávez
  • Image Christopher Von Uckermann
    Christopher Von Uckermann
  • Image Derrick James
    Derrick James
  • Image Diego Boneta
    Diego Boneta
  • Image Dulce María
    Dulce María
  • Image Eddy Vilard
    Eddy Vilard
  • Image Enrique Rocha
    Enrique Rocha
  • Image Ernesto Díaz
    Ernesto Díaz
  • Image Estefanía Villarreal
    Estefanía Villarreal
  • Image Eugenio Siller
    Eugenio Siller
  • Image Felipe Nájera
    Felipe Nájera
  • Image Fernanda Polín
    Fernanda Polín
  • Image Francisco Avendaño
    Francisco Avendaño
  • Image Georgina Salgado
    Georgina Salgado
  • Image Grettell Valdéz
    Grettell Valdéz
  • Image Grisel Margarita
    Grisel Margarita
  • Image Jack Duarte
    Jack Duarte
  • Image Jean Safont
    Jean Safont
  • Image Juan Ferrara
    Juan Ferrara
  • Image Karla Cossío
    Karla Cossío
  • Image Leticia Perdigón
    Leticia Perdigón
  • Image Lisardo Guarinos
    Lisardo Guarinos
  • Image Lourdes Canale
    Lourdes Canale
  • Image Lourdes Reyes
    Lourdes Reyes
  • Image Maite Perroni
    Maite Perroni
  • Image Manola Díez
    Manola Díez
  • Image Marco Antonio Valdés
    Marco Antonio Valdés
  • Image María Fernanda García
    María Fernanda García
  • Image María Fernanda Malo
    María Fernanda Malo
  • Image Michelle Renaud
    Michelle Renaud
  • Image Mike Biaggio
    Mike Biaggio
  • Image Monique Vargas
    Monique Vargas
  • Image Nailea Norvind
    Nailea Norvind
  • Image Nicolas Krinis
    Nicolas Krinis
  • Image Ninel Conde
    Ninel Conde
  • Image Pedro Weber
    Pedro Weber
  • Image Rocío Cárdenas
    Rocío Cárdenas
  • Image Ronald Duarte
    Ronald Duarte
  • Image Tiaré Scanda
    Tiaré Scanda
  • Image Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton
  • Image Viviana Ramos
    Viviana Ramos
  • Image Zoraida Gómez
    Zoraida Gómez
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