1h 46m

Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner investigates the case of young Angela, who accuses her father, John Gray, of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery.


  • Image Aaron Abrams
    Aaron Abrams
  • Image Aaron Ashmore
    Aaron Ashmore
  • Image Adam Butcher
    Adam Butcher
  • Image Adrian Griffin
    Adrian Griffin
  • Image Alli McLaren
    Alli McLaren
  • Image Attila Sebesy
    Attila Sebesy
  • Image Carrie Eklund
    Carrie Eklund
  • Image Catherine Disher
    Catherine Disher
  • Image Dale Dickey
    Dale Dickey
  • Image David Dencik
    David Dencik
  • Image David Thewlis
    David Thewlis
  • Image Deborah Grover
    Deborah Grover
  • Image Devon Bostick
    Devon Bostick
  • Image Emma Watson
    Emma Watson
  • Image Ethan Hawke
    Ethan Hawke
  • Image Goran Stjepanovic
    Goran Stjepanovic
  • Image Heather Lapine
    Heather Lapine
  • Image Jacob Neayem
    Jacob Neayem
  • Image James Preston Rogers
    James Preston Rogers
  • Image Janet Porter
    Janet Porter
  • Image Julian Richings
    Julian Richings
  • Image Kristian Bruun
    Kristian Bruun
  • Image Lenno Britos
    Lenno Britos
  • Image Lothaire Bluteau
    Lothaire Bluteau
  • Image Mackenzie Kerfoot
    Mackenzie Kerfoot
  • Image Maura Grierson
    Maura Grierson
  • Image Noah Segura
    Noah Segura
  • Image Pamela MacDonald
    Pamela MacDonald
  • Image Patrick Garrow
    Patrick Garrow
  • Image Peter MacNeill
    Peter MacNeill
  • Image Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes
  • Image Vanessa Spencer
    Vanessa Spencer
  • Image Wendy Lyon
    Wendy Lyon
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