Resident Evil: Degeneration

1h 37m

A zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield , who fought the sinister Umbrella Corporation during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back. In high-octane Resident Evil style, they're ready to battle a rogue warrior who is seeking revenge after his family was killed in Raccoon City. The deadly G-Virus is unleashed and a new mutated monster rampages.


  • Image Alyson Court
    Alyson Court
  • Image Barbara Goodson
    Barbara Goodson
  • Image Cindy Robinson
    Cindy Robinson
  • Image Crispin Freeman
    Crispin Freeman
  • Image Dave Wittenberg
    Dave Wittenberg
  • Image J. B. Blanc
    J. B. Blanc
  • Image Johnny Yong Bosch
    Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Image Karen Strassman
    Karen Strassman
  • Image Kari Wahlgren
    Kari Wahlgren
  • Image Keith Silverstein
    Keith Silverstein
  • Image Kirk Thornton
    Kirk Thornton
  • Image Kyle Hebert
    Kyle Hebert
  • Image Laura Bailey
    Laura Bailey
  • Image Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Image Megan Hollingshead
    Megan Hollingshead
  • Image Michael McConnohie
    Michael McConnohie
  • Image Michael Sorich
    Michael Sorich
  • Image Michelle Ruff
    Michelle Ruff
  • Image Paul Mercier
    Paul Mercier
  • Image Roger Craig Smith
    Roger Craig Smith
  • Image Salli Saffioti
    Salli Saffioti
  • Image Skip Stellrecht
    Skip Stellrecht
  • Image Steve Blum
    Steve Blum
  • Image Troy Baker
    Troy Baker
  • Image Yuri Lowenthal
    Yuri Lowenthal
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