Return of the Hero

1h 30m

France, 1809. Captain Neuville is called to the front, leaving his future bride heartbroken. Her sister decides to write letters on his behalf to cheer her up.


  • Image Audrey Quoturi
    Audrey Quoturi
  • Image Aurélie Boquien
    Aurélie Boquien
  • Image Bruno Paviot
    Bruno Paviot
  • Image Christian Bujeau
    Christian Bujeau
  • Image Christophe Clausier
    Christophe Clausier
  • Image Christophe Montenez
    Christophe Montenez
  • Image Evelyne Buyle
    Evelyne Buyle
  • Image Fabienne Galula
    Fabienne Galula
  • Image Féodor Atkine
    Féodor Atkine
  • Image Fred Tousch
    Fred Tousch
  • Image Gaëlle Jeantet
    Gaëlle Jeantet
  • Image Grégoire Vigneron
    Grégoire Vigneron
  • Image Guillaume Denaiffe
    Guillaume Denaiffe
  • Image Guillaume Roland
    Guillaume Roland
  • Image Hugues Martel
    Hugues Martel
  • Image Jean Dujardin
    Jean Dujardin
  • Image Jean-Michel Lahmi
    Jean-Michel Lahmi
  • Image Laurent Bateau
    Laurent Bateau
  • Image Laurent Saint-Gérard
    Laurent Saint-Gérard
  • Image Magali Léon
    Magali Léon
  • Image Marion Henin
    Marion Henin
  • Image Mathilde Roehrich
    Mathilde Roehrich
  • Image Mélanie Laurent
    Mélanie Laurent
  • Image Michèle Clément
    Michèle Clément
  • Image Nicolas Guillot
    Nicolas Guillot
  • Image Noémie Merlant
    Noémie Merlant
  • Image Sandrine Ferraro
    Sandrine Ferraro
  • Image Virgil Canteloup
    Virgil Canteloup
  • Image Yannik Mazzilli
    Yannik Mazzilli
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