Run This Town

1h 39m
  • Run This Town
  • 06-03-2020
  • Drama
  • Ricky Tollman
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After graduation, Bram gets his dream job at a local newspaper. In his mind he’s the next Woodward (but he’s probably more of a Bernstein). A year in, he realizes that maybe the paper business is no longer what he’d seen in the movies. Instead of investigative journalism, he is writing easily consumable Top 10 Lists - Best Hot Dogs in the City! Ten Ways to Tell You Grew Up in the 90s! After the paper is hit with another round of layoffs, Bram stumbles upon a potentially explosive story involving the city’s controversial mayor. But he needs to beat the mayor’s smooth talking aide, Kamal, to the punch. This could be Bram’s big break — if he had any idea how to be a real journalist.


  • Image Ben Platt
    Ben Platt
  • Image Damian Lewis
    Damian Lewis
  • Image Gil Bellows
    Gil Bellows
  • Image Jennifer Ehle
    Jennifer Ehle
  • Image Lauren Collins
    Lauren Collins
  • Image Mena Massoud
    Mena Massoud
  • Image Nina Dobrev
    Nina Dobrev
  • Image Rebecca Liddiard
    Rebecca Liddiard
  • Image Scott Speedman
    Scott Speedman
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