Runaway Jury

2h 7m

A juror on the inside and a woman on the outside manipulate a court trial involving a major gun manufacturer.


  • Image Adella Gautier
    Adella Gautier
  • Image Afemo Omilami
    Afemo Omilami
  • Image Andrea Powell
    Andrea Powell
  • Image Barret O'Brien
    Barret O'Brien
  • Image Bernard Hocke
    Bernard Hocke
  • Image Bill Nunn
    Bill Nunn
  • Image Bruce Davison
    Bruce Davison
  • Image Bruce McGill
    Bruce McGill
  • Image Carol Sutton
    Carol Sutton
  • Image Cedric Pendleton
    Cedric Pendleton
  • Image Celia Weston
    Celia Weston
  • Image Charlie Detraz
    Charlie Detraz
  • Image Christopher Mankiewicz
    Christopher Mankiewicz
  • Image Claudia Coffee
    Claudia Coffee
  • Image Cliff Curtis
    Cliff Curtis
  • Image Corri English
    Corri English
  • Image Danny Kamin
    Danny Kamin
  • Image David Dwyer
    David Dwyer
  • Image David Jensen
    David Jensen
  • Image David Ramsey
    David Ramsey
  • Image Deacon Dawson
    Deacon Dawson
  • Image Deneen Tyler
    Deneen Tyler
  • Image Don Henderson Baker
    Don Henderson Baker
  • Image Don Hood
    Don Hood
  • Image Douglas M. Griffin
    Douglas M. Griffin
  • Image Dustin Hoffman
    Dustin Hoffman
  • Image Dylan McDermott
    Dylan McDermott
  • Image Ed Nelson
    Ed Nelson
  • Image Elizabeth Omilami
    Elizabeth Omilami
  • Image Elliott Street
    Elliott Street
  • Image Eric Paulsen
    Eric Paulsen
  • Image Fahnlohnee R. Harris
    Fahnlohnee R. Harris
  • Image Gary Grubbs
    Gary Grubbs
  • Image Gene Hackman
    Gene Hackman
  • Image Gerry Bamman
    Gerry Bamman
  • Image Guy Torry
    Guy Torry
  • Image Harvey Reaves
    Harvey Reaves
  • Image Henry Darrow
    Henry Darrow
  • Image Irene Ziegler
    Irene Ziegler
  • Image Jack Massey
    Jack Massey
  • Image Jason Davis
    Jason Davis
  • Image Jennifer Beals
    Jennifer Beals
  • Image Jeremy Piven
    Jeremy Piven
  • Image Joanna Going
    Joanna Going
  • Image Joe Chrest
    Joe Chrest
  • Image John Cusack
    John Cusack
  • Image Juanita Jennings
    Juanita Jennings
  • Image Kathy Seiden
    Kathy Seiden
  • Image Lance E. Nichols
    Lance E. Nichols
  • Image Lara Grice
    Lara Grice
  • Image Lark Marie Fall
    Lark Marie Fall
  • Image Leland Orser
    Leland Orser
  • Image Loren Kinsella
    Loren Kinsella
  • Image Lori Heuring
    Lori Heuring
  • Image Luis Guzmán
    Luis Guzmán
  • Image Marco St. John
    Marco St. John
  • Image Marcus Hester
    Marcus Hester
  • Image Margaret Lawhon
    Margaret Lawhon
  • Image Margo Moorer
    Margo Moorer
  • Image Marguerite Moreau
    Marguerite Moreau
  • Image Mark Jeffrey Miller
    Mark Jeffrey Miller
  • Image Mark Krasnoff
    Mark Krasnoff
  • Image Michael Arata
    Michael Arata
  • Image Michelle M. Miller
    Michelle M. Miller
  • Image Mike Pniewski
    Mike Pniewski
  • Image Ned Bellamy
    Ned Bellamy
  • Image Nestor Serrano
    Nestor Serrano
  • Image Nick Searcy
    Nick Searcy
  • Image Nora Dunn
    Nora Dunn
  • Image Orlando Jones
    Orlando Jones
  • Image Perry Brown
    Perry Brown
  • Image Peter Jurasik
    Peter Jurasik
  • Image Rachel Weisz
    Rachel Weisz
  • Image Rhoda Griffis
    Rhoda Griffis
  • Image Rusty Schwimmer
    Rusty Schwimmer
  • Image Sally Ann Roberts
    Sally Ann Roberts
  • Image Shannon Eubanks
    Shannon Eubanks
  • Image Stanley Anderson
    Stanley Anderson
  • Image Stuart Greer
    Stuart Greer
  • Image Ted Manson
    Ted Manson
  • Image Wayne Ferrara
    Wayne Ferrara
  • Image Wayne Roberts
    Wayne Roberts
  • Image Xuan Van Nguyen
    Xuan Van Nguyen
  • Image Zach Hanner
    Zach Hanner
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