1h 39m

Climbing aboard their mammoth recreational vehicle for a cross-country road trip to the Colorado Rockies, the McNeive family – led by dysfunctional patriarch, Bob – prepares for the adventure of a lifetime. But spending two weeks together in one seriously small space has a way of cramping their style.


  • Image Alex Ferris
    Alex Ferris
  • Image Andrew Botz
    Andrew Botz
  • Image Barry Sonnenfeld
    Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Image Brendan Fletcher
    Brendan Fletcher
  • Image Brian Howe
    Brian Howe
  • Image Brian Markinson
    Brian Markinson
  • Image Bruce McFee
    Bruce McFee
  • Image Chad Krowchuk
    Chad Krowchuk
  • Image Cheryl Hines
    Cheryl Hines
  • Image Chloe Sonnenfeld
    Chloe Sonnenfeld
  • Image Deborah DeMille
    Deborah DeMille
  • Image Erika-Shaye Gair
    Erika-Shaye Gair
  • Image Giacomo Baessato
    Giacomo Baessato
  • Image Hunter Parrish
    Hunter Parrish
  • Image Jeff Daniels
    Jeff Daniels
  • Image JoJo
  • Image Josh Hutcherson
    Josh Hutcherson
  • Image Justin Chartier
    Justin Chartier
  • Image Kirsten Alter
    Kirsten Alter
  • Image Kristin Chenoweth
    Kristin Chenoweth
  • Image Malcolm Scott
    Malcolm Scott
  • Image Matthew Gray Gubler
    Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Image Rebecca Erwin Spencer
    Rebecca Erwin Spencer
  • Image Richard Ian Cox
    Richard Ian Cox
  • Image Rob LaBelle
    Rob LaBelle
  • Image Robin Williams
    Robin Williams
  • Image Stephen E. Miller
    Stephen E. Miller
  • Image Tony Hale
    Tony Hale
  • Image Ty Olsson
    Ty Olsson
  • Image Veronika Sztopa
    Veronika Sztopa
  • Image Will Arnett
    Will Arnett
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