Sapphire Blue

1h 56m

Gwen has just discovered, that she's the final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. Now she has to juggle with constant trips to the past, her relationships with Gideon and figuring out dark secrets surrounding the Circle.


  • Image Bastian Trost
    Bastian Trost
  • Image Chiara Schoras
    Chiara Schoras
  • Image Christine Zart
    Christine Zart
  • Image David Baalcke
    David Baalcke
  • Image Florian Bartholomäi
    Florian Bartholomäi
  • Image Jannis Niewöhner
    Jannis Niewöhner
  • Image Jennifer Lotsi
    Jennifer Lotsi
  • Image Johannes Silberschneider
    Johannes Silberschneider
  • Image Johannes von Matuschka
    Johannes von Matuschka
  • Image Josefine Preuß
    Josefine Preuß
  • Image Justine del Corte
    Justine del Corte
  • Image Karl Knaup
    Karl Knaup
  • Image Karl Walter Sprungala
    Karl Walter Sprungala
  • Image Katharina Thalbach
    Katharina Thalbach
  • Image Kostja Ullmann
    Kostja Ullmann
  • Image Laura Berlin
    Laura Berlin
  • Image Lion Wasczyk
    Lion Wasczyk
  • Image Maria Ehrich
    Maria Ehrich
  • Image Menyhért René Balog-Dutombé
    Menyhért René Balog-Dutombé
  • Image Oscar Ortega Sánchez
    Oscar Ortega Sánchez
  • Image Peter Simonischek
    Peter Simonischek
  • Image Rolf Kanies
    Rolf Kanies
  • Image Rüdiger Vogler
    Rüdiger Vogler
  • Image Rufus Beck
    Rufus Beck
  • Image Sandra Borgmann
    Sandra Borgmann
  • Image Veronica Ferres
    Veronica Ferres
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