Scarecrow County

1h 15m
  • Scarecrow County
  • 25-10-2019
  • Horror
  • John Oak Dalton
  • 0 votes

A small-town librarian is gifted the lost diary of a dead teenager, exposing long-buried secrets as a murderous scarecrow stalks the streets.


  • Image Andrew N. Shearer
    Andrew N. Shearer
  • Image Erin Hoodlebrink
    Erin Hoodlebrink
  • Image Erin R. Ryan
    Erin R. Ryan
  • Image Iabou Windimere
    Iabou Windimere
  • Image James Carolus
    James Carolus
  • Image Jeff Kirkendall
    Jeff Kirkendall
  • Image Joe Sherlock
    Joe Sherlock
  • Image Joni Durian
    Joni Durian
  • Image Kyle Garner
    Kyle Garner
  • Image Rachael Redolfi
    Rachael Redolfi
  • Image Tonjia Atomic
    Tonjia Atomic
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