1h 36m

An American journalism student in London scoops a big story, and begins an affair with an aristocrat as the incident unfurls.


  • Image Alexander Armstrong
    Alexander Armstrong
  • Image Anthony O'Donnell
    Anthony O'Donnell
  • Image Anthony Stewart Head
    Anthony Stewart Head
  • Image Caroline Blakiston
    Caroline Blakiston
  • Image Carolyn Backhouse
    Carolyn Backhouse
  • Image Charles Dance
    Charles Dance
  • Image Christopher Fulford
    Christopher Fulford
  • Image Christopher Godwin
    Christopher Godwin
  • Image David Schneider
    David Schneider
  • Image Doreen Mantle
    Doreen Mantle
  • Image Elizabeth Berrington
    Elizabeth Berrington
  • Image Eran Creevy
    Eran Creevy
  • Image Fenella Woolgar
    Fenella Woolgar
  • Image Geoff Bell
    Geoff Bell
  • Image Guo Toa
    Guo Toa
  • Image Helen Chapman
    Helen Chapman
  • Image Hugh Jackman
    Hugh Jackman
  • Image Ian McShane
    Ian McShane
  • Image Jeffry Wickham
    Jeffry Wickham
  • Image Jim Dunk
    Jim Dunk
  • Image Jody Halse
    Jody Halse
  • Image John Light
    John Light
  • Image John Sessions
    John Sessions
  • Image John Standing
    John Standing
  • Image Julia Deakin
    Julia Deakin
  • Image Julian Glover
    Julian Glover
  • Image Kevin McNally
    Kevin McNally
  • Image Lynda Baron
    Lynda Baron
  • Image Margaret Tyzack
    Margaret Tyzack
  • Image Mark Heap
    Mark Heap
  • Image Matt Day
    Matt Day
  • Image Meera Syal
    Meera Syal
  • Image Meg Wynn Owen
    Meg Wynn Owen
  • Image Moya Brady
    Moya Brady
  • Image Nigel Lindsay
    Nigel Lindsay
  • Image Paula Wilcox
    Paula Wilcox
  • Image Peter Mastin
    Peter Mastin
  • Image Phil Cornwell
    Phil Cornwell
  • Image Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson
  • Image Richard Stirling
    Richard Stirling
  • Image Robert Bathurst
    Robert Bathurst
  • Image Robyn Kerr
    Robyn Kerr
  • Image Romola Garai
    Romola Garai
  • Image Rosie Cavaliero
    Rosie Cavaliero
  • Image Rupert Frazer
    Rupert Frazer
  • Image Sam Friend
    Sam Friend
  • Image Sanjeev Bhaskar
    Sanjeev Bhaskar
  • Image Scarlett Johansson
    Scarlett Johansson
  • Image Suzy Kewer
    Suzy Kewer
  • Image Tina Rath
    Tina Rath
  • Image Toby Jones
    Toby Jones
  • Image Victoria Hamilton
    Victoria Hamilton
  • Image William Hoyland
    William Hoyland
  • Image Woody Allen
    Woody Allen
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