Pokémon - Season 23

Returning Series 0 Episodes
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Pokémon - Season 23 - 0 Episodes
1 Image Enter Pikachu!2019
2 Image Legend? Go! Friends? Go!2019
3 Image Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower!2019
4 Image Settling the Scorbunny!2019
5 Image Mind-Boggling Dynamax!2019
6 Image Working My Way Back to Mew!2019
7 Image Serving Up the Flute Cup!2019
8 Image The Sinnoh Iceberg Race!2020
9 Image Finding a Legend!2020
10 Image A Test in Paradise!2020
11 Image Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!2020
12 Image Flash of the Titans!2020
13 Image Ash VS Leon! The Path to Power!!2020
14 Image The First Visit to the Unova Region! Raid Battle at the Ruins!!2020
15 Image On a Snowy Day, Where is Cubone's Bone?2020
16 Image Satoshi is Cursed...!2020
17 Image Hibunny's Fiery Kick! Working For Tomorrow!2020
18 Image Satoshi Joins In! The Pokémon World Championships!!2020
19 Image I Am Metamon!2020
20 Image Go Towards Your Dreams! Satoshi and Go!!2020
21 Image Reach Your Mark, Aura! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!2020
22 Image Farewell Raboot!2020
23 Image Massive Panic! Sakuragi Park!!2020
24 Image Rest, Team Rocket!2020
25 Image A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!2020
26 Image Jump! Koiking Put it On! Yadoking2020
27 Image Legends of Heroes! Dande's Strongest Battle!!2020
28 Image Sobbing Messon2020
29 Image Electrifying Jealousy! Wanpachi's Feelings2020
30 Image Pokémon 23x30 The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd2020
31 Image Pokémon 23x31 Hinbass and the Beautiful Scale2020
32 Image Pokémon 23x32 Celebi: A Timeless Promise2020
33 Image Pokémon 23x33 A Pokémon Trade?2020
34 Image Pokémon 23x34 Saito, the Lone Warrior!2020
35 Image Pokémon 23x35 I Got Pikachu2020
36 Image Pokémon 23x36 Satoshi and Go, Crawl Up From the Sand Hell!2020
37 Image Pokémon 23x37 I'm Back, Nice to Meet You, Alola!2020
38 Image Pokémon 23x38 The Fossil Pokémon!2020
39 Image Pokémon 23x39 Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!2020
40 Image Pokémon 23x40 VS Zapdos! Legendary raid battle!!2020
41 Image Pokémon 23x41 Operation: Dub Pikachu | Half Marshtomp2020
42 Image Pokémon 23x42 Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald2020
43 Image Pokémon 23x43 Sword & Shield II: Darkest Day2020
44 Image Pokémon 23x44 Sword & Shield III: Eternatus2020
45 Image Pokémon 23x45 Sword & Shield IV: The Ultimate Sword and Shield2020
46 Image Pokémon 23x46 Battling and Getting! The Revival of Mewtwo2020
47 Image Pokémon 23x47 Pokémon Champion! Gluttony King Decision Battle!!2020
48 Image Episode 482020
49 Image Pokémon 23x49 Episode 492020
50 Image Pokémon 23x50 Galar's Fossils! Stick 'em Together!!2021
51 Image Pokémon 23x51 Kamonegi's Great Trials2021
52 Image Pokémon 23x52 Hands-on Agriculture Studies! Where Is Digda?2021
53 Image Pokémon 23x53 Episode 532021
54 Image Pokémon 23x54 Sobble In Possible!!2021
55 Image Pokémon 23x55 The Tale of You and Me in Glimwood Tangle!2021
56 Image Pokémon 23x56 Elite Four Wikstrom! The House of Chivalry2021
57 Image Pokémon 23x57 Love is a Psyduck!2021
58 Image Pokémon 23x58 Panic! Gulpin Ball!! Come on, Chewtle - The Turtle Race!2021
59 Image Pokémon 23x59 The Lost Grookey! Who is the Trainer!?2021
60 Image Pokémon 23x60 Aim to Be a Leek Master! Charge with Chivalry!!2021
61 Image Pokémon 23x61 Leave It to Us! Plusle Minun Handymen!!2021
62 Image Pokémon 23x62 Episode 622021
63 Image Pokémon 23x63 Challenge! The Pokémon Marine Obstacle Course!!2021
64 Image Pokémon 23x64 Episode 642021
65 Image Pokémon 23x65 Episode 652021
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