Seeking Justice

1h 45m

After his wife is assaulted, a husband enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score.


  • Image Alex Van
    Alex Van
  • Image Alexander Asefa
    Alexander Asefa
  • Image Anthony Michael Frederick
    Anthony Michael Frederick
  • Image Asif Taj
    Asif Taj
  • Image Bernard Johnson
    Bernard Johnson
  • Image Brett Gentile
    Brett Gentile
  • Image Brett Rice
    Brett Rice
  • Image Cullen Moss
    Cullen Moss
  • Image Dane Rhodes
    Dane Rhodes
  • Image Daniel Rhyder
    Daniel Rhyder
  • Image David Jensen
    David Jensen
  • Image Demetrius Bridges
    Demetrius Bridges
  • Image Dikran Tulaine
    Dikran Tulaine
  • Image Donna DuPlantier
    Donna DuPlantier
  • Image Douglas M. Griffin
    Douglas M. Griffin
  • Image Guy Pearce
    Guy Pearce
  • Image Harold Perrineau
    Harold Perrineau
  • Image IronE Singleton
    IronE Singleton
  • Image J. Omar Castro
    J. Omar Castro
  • Image J.D. Evermore
    J.D. Evermore
  • Image January Jones
    January Jones
  • Image Jason Davis
    Jason Davis
  • Image Jennifer Carpenter
    Jennifer Carpenter
  • Image Joe Chrest
    Joe Chrest
  • Image John McConnell
    John McConnell
  • Image Juan Pardo
    Juan Pardo
  • Image Kathleen Wilhoite
    Kathleen Wilhoite
  • Image Kenneth Brown Jr.
    Kenneth Brown Jr.
  • Image Marcus Lyle Brown
    Marcus Lyle Brown
  • Image Matthew Posey
    Matthew Posey
  • Image Maureen Brennan
    Maureen Brennan
  • Image Michael Dennis Hill
    Michael Dennis Hill
  • Image Mike Pniewski
    Mike Pniewski
  • Image Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas Cage
  • Image Rachel Dupard
    Rachel Dupard
  • Image Renwick D. Scott II
    Renwick D. Scott II
  • Image Rey Hernandez
    Rey Hernandez
  • Image Sharon Landry
    Sharon Landry
  • Image Terence Rosemore
    Terence Rosemore
  • Image Thomas Tah Hyde III
    Thomas Tah Hyde III
  • Image Veronica Mosgrove
    Veronica Mosgrove
  • Image Wayne Pére
    Wayne Pére
  • Image Xander Berkeley
    Xander Berkeley
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