1h 40m

Cool black private eye John Shaft is hired by a crime lord to find and retrieve his kidnapped daughter.


  • Image Adam Wade
    Adam Wade
  • Image Al Kirk
    Al Kirk
  • Image Alan Weeks
    Alan Weeks
  • Image Antonio Fargas
    Antonio Fargas
  • Image Arnold Johnson
    Arnold Johnson
  • Image Benjamin R. Rixson
    Benjamin R. Rixson
  • Image Betty Bresler
    Betty Bresler
  • Image Camille Yarbrough
    Camille Yarbrough
  • Image Charles Cioffi
    Charles Cioffi
  • Image Christopher St. John
    Christopher St. John
  • Image Clee Burtonya
    Clee Burtonya
  • Image Damu King
    Damu King
  • Image Dennis Tate
    Dennis Tate
  • Image Dominic Barto
    Dominic Barto
  • Image Donny Burks
    Donny Burks
  • Image Drew Bundini Brown
    Drew Bundini Brown
  • Image Ed Bernard
    Ed Bernard
  • Image Eddie Barth
    Eddie Barth
  • Image Edmund Hashim
    Edmund Hashim
  • Image George Strus
    George Strus
  • Image Gertrude Jeannette
    Gertrude Jeannette
  • Image Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson
  • Image Gonzalo Madurga
    Gonzalo Madurga
  • Image Gwenn Mitchell
    Gwenn Mitchell
  • Image James Hainesworth
    James Hainesworth
  • Image Joe Pronto
    Joe Pronto
  • Image Jon Richards
    Jon Richards
  • Image Joseph Leon
    Joseph Leon
  • Image Lawrence Pressman
    Lawrence Pressman
  • Image Lee Steele
    Lee Steele
  • Image Margaret Warncke
    Margaret Warncke
  • Image Moses Gunn
    Moses Gunn
  • Image Paul Nevens
    Paul Nevens
  • Image Rex Robbins
    Rex Robbins
  • Image Ricardo Brown
    Ricardo Brown
  • Image Richard Roundtree
    Richard Roundtree
  • Image Robin Nolan
    Robin Nolan
  • Image Ron Tannas
    Ron Tannas
  • Image Sherri Brewer
    Sherri Brewer
  • Image Shimen Ruskin
    Shimen Ruskin
  • Image Tommy Lane
    Tommy Lane
  • Image Tony King
    Tony King
  • Image Victor Arnold
    Victor Arnold
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