Six Days Seven Nights

1h 38m

When Quinn, a grouchy pilot living the good life in the South Pacific, agrees to transfer a savvy fashion editor, Robin, to Tahiti, he ends up stranded on a deserted island with her after their plane crashes. The pair avoid each other at first, until they're forced to team up to escape from the island -- and some pirates who want their heads.


  • Image Afa Thompson
    Afa Thompson
  • Image Aldo Paro
    Aldo Paro
  • Image Allison Janney
    Allison Janney
  • Image Amy Sedaris
    Amy Sedaris
  • Image Anne Heche
    Anne Heche
  • Image Ben Bode
    Ben Bode
  • Image Carlos Andrade
    Carlos Andrade
  • Image Christian Martson
    Christian Martson
  • Image Cliff Curtis
    Cliff Curtis
  • Image Cynthia Langbridge
    Cynthia Langbridge
  • Image Danny Trejo
    Danny Trejo
  • Image David Schwimmer
    David Schwimmer
  • Image Derek Basco
    Derek Basco
  • Image Don Nahaku
    Don Nahaku
  • Image Douglas Weston
    Douglas Weston
  • Image E. Kalani Flores
    E. Kalani Flores
  • Image Elliot M. Kaplan
    Elliot M. Kaplan
  • Image Eric Laufiso
    Eric Laufiso
  • Image Fred Lunt
    Fred Lunt
  • Image Gordon Lilo
    Gordon Lilo
  • Image Greg Gorman
    Greg Gorman
  • Image Harrison Ford
    Harrison Ford
  • Image Hoyt Richards
    Hoyt Richards
  • Image Iele
  • Image Jacqueline Obradors
    Jacqueline Obradors
  • Image Jake Feagai
    Jake Feagai
  • Image James Edward Sclafani
    James Edward Sclafani
  • Image Jason S. Nichols
    Jason S. Nichols
  • Image Javan Kaiama
    Javan Kaiama
  • Image Jen Sung
    Jen Sung
  • Image Jewel McDonald
    Jewel McDonald
  • Image Jody Kono
    Jody Kono
  • Image John Kirsch
    John Kirsch
  • Image John Koyama
    John Koyama
  • Image Kerry Rossall
    Kerry Rossall
  • Image Kester Smith
    Kester Smith
  • Image Lloyd Chandler
    Lloyd Chandler
  • Image Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen
  • Image Mervyn Lilo
    Mervyn Lilo
  • Image Michael Barretto
    Michael Barretto
  • Image Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman
  • Image Michael Lushing
    Michael Lushing
  • Image Natalie Goss
    Natalie Goss
  • Image Nicole Maldonado
    Nicole Maldonado
  • Image Niko Rusakov
    Niko Rusakov
  • Image Odile Corso
    Odile Corso
  • Image Pancho Graham
    Pancho Graham
  • Image Pat Cockett
    Pat Cockett
  • Image Ping Wu
    Ping Wu
  • Image Priscilla Inga Taylor
    Priscilla Inga Taylor
  • Image Pua Kaholokula
    Pua Kaholokula
  • Image Reri Tava Jobe
    Reri Tava Jobe
  • Image Roy Dinson Jr.
    Roy Dinson Jr.
  • Image Rudy Costa
    Rudy Costa
  • Image Stephen Conteh
    Stephen Conteh
  • Image Steve Stafford
    Steve Stafford
  • Image Taj Mahal
    Taj Mahal
  • Image Temuera Morrison
    Temuera Morrison
  • Image Theresa San-Nicholas
    Theresa San-Nicholas
  • Image Vise Vitale
    Vise Vitale
  • Image Wayne Aqino
    Wayne Aqino
  • Image Wayne Jacintho
    Wayne Jacintho
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