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Skyland, is a CGI animated television series developed in France in partnership with Canada and Luxembourg for television channels France 2, Teletoon, NickToons Network, ABC and CITV. A 60-minute, worldwide preview was aired on November 26, 2005, at multiple times during the day and the following day. The program was hosted by Chase Francisco. It was launched on April 22, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. on Teletoon. On July 2, 2006, an encore of the one hour pilot aired on Nicktoons Network, with the full series commencing on Saturday, November 18, 2006. The show is produced by Paris's Method Films and Toronto's 9 Story Entertainment.

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  • Image Alex Belcourt
    Alex Belcourt
  • Image Alyson Court
    Alyson Court
  • Image Athena Karkanis
    Athena Karkanis
  • Image Cameron Ansell
    Cameron Ansell
  • Image Jack Langedijk
    Jack Langedijk
  • Image Juan Chioran
    Juan Chioran
  • Image Julien Girbig
    Julien Girbig
  • Image Milton Barnes
    Milton Barnes
  • Image Phoebe McAuley
    Phoebe McAuley
  • Image Tim Hamaguchi
    Tim Hamaguchi
  • Image William Colgate
    William Colgate
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