1h 31m

Charles Brady and his mother, Mary, are the last of a dying breed whose needs are not of this world. They are Sleepwalkers - able to stay alive only by feeding on the life-force of the innocent, but destined to roam the earth, avoiding discovery while searching for their next victim. That search takes them to the sleepy little town of Travis, Indiana, where beautiful teenager Tanya Robertson is about to become an unwilling pawn in their nightmarish fight for survival.


  • Image Alice Krige
    Alice Krige
  • Image BoJesse Christopher
    BoJesse Christopher
  • Image Brian Krause
    Brian Krause
  • Image Charles Croughwell
    Charles Croughwell
  • Image Cindy Pickett
    Cindy Pickett
  • Image Clive Barker
    Clive Barker
  • Image Cynthia Garris
    Cynthia Garris
  • Image Dan Martin
    Dan Martin
  • Image Diane Delano
    Diane Delano
  • Image Donald Petersen
    Donald Petersen
  • Image Ernie Lively
    Ernie Lively
  • Image Frank Novak
    Frank Novak
  • Image Glenn Shadix
    Glenn Shadix
  • Image Hayden Victor
    Hayden Victor
  • Image Jim Haynie
    Jim Haynie
  • Image Joe Dante
    Joe Dante
  • Image Joey Aresco
    Joey Aresco
  • Image John Landis
    John Landis
  • Image Judette Warren
    Judette Warren
  • Image Karl Bakke
    Karl Bakke
  • Image Karyn Sercelj
    Karyn Sercelj
  • Image Lucy Boryer
    Lucy Boryer
  • Image Lyman Ward
    Lyman Ward
  • Image Mädchen Amick
    Mädchen Amick
  • Image Mark Hamill
    Mark Hamill
  • Image Michael Reid MacKay
    Michael Reid MacKay
  • Image Monty Bane
    Monty Bane
  • Image Norman Fessler
    Norman Fessler
  • Image O. Nicholas Brown
    O. Nicholas Brown
  • Image Richard Penn
    Richard Penn
  • Image Roger Nolan
    Roger Nolan
  • Image Ron Perlman
    Ron Perlman
  • Image Rusty Schwimmer
    Rusty Schwimmer
  • Image Sparks
  • Image Stephen King
    Stephen King
  • Image Stuart Charno
    Stuart Charno
  • Image Tobe Hooper
    Tobe Hooper
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