Snow White: A Tale of Terror

1h 40m

When young Lili's mother dies in childbirth, her father remarries Lady Claudia, a woman ruled by an evil mirror with the power to make her queen of all living things. After escaping an attempt on her life, Lili finds herself lost in a dark forest, where living happily ever after seems unlikely.


  • Image Andrew Tiernan
    Andrew Tiernan
  • Image Anthony Brophy
    Anthony Brophy
  • Image Brian Glover
    Brian Glover
  • Image Bryan Pringle
    Bryan Pringle
  • Image Chris Bauer
    Chris Bauer
  • Image Dale Wyatt
    Dale Wyatt
  • Image David Conrad
    David Conrad
  • Image Frances Cuka
    Frances Cuka
  • Image Gil Bellows
    Gil Bellows
  • Image Joanna Roth
    Joanna Roth
  • Image John Edward Allen
    John Edward Allen
  • Image Miroslav Táborský
    Miroslav Táborský
  • Image Monica Keena
    Monica Keena
  • Image Sam Neill
    Sam Neill
  • Image Sigourney Weaver
    Sigourney Weaver
  • Image Taryn Davis
    Taryn Davis
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