Sole a catinelle

1h 27m

The story of a father and a son. An on the road trip from South to North.


  • Image Alessandro Bressanello
    Alessandro Bressanello
  • Image Angie Alexander
    Angie Alexander
  • Image Augusto Zucchi
    Augusto Zucchi
  • Image Aurore Erguy
    Aurore Erguy
  • Image Checco Zalone
    Checco Zalone
  • Image Claudia Brovedani
    Claudia Brovedani
  • Image Daniela Piperno
    Daniela Piperno
  • Image Lidia Biondi
    Lidia Biondi
  • Image Marco Paolini
    Marco Paolini
  • Image Matilde Caterina
    Matilde Caterina
  • Image Miriam Dalmazio
    Miriam Dalmazio
  • Image Orsetta De Rossi
    Orsetta De Rossi
  • Image Robert Dancs
    Robert Dancs
  • Image Ruben Aprea
    Ruben Aprea
  • Image Stefano Sabelli
    Stefano Sabelli
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