Some Like It Hot

2h 2m

Two musicians witness a mob hit and struggle to find a way out of the city before they are found by the gangsters. Their only opportunity is to join an all-girl band as they leave on a tour. To make their getaway they must first disguise themselves as women, then keep their identities secret and deal with the problems this brings - such as an attractive bandmate and a very determined suitor.


  • Image Al Breneman
    Al Breneman
  • Image Alex Ball
    Alex Ball
  • Image Arthur Tovey
    Arthur Tovey
  • Image Barbara Drew
    Barbara Drew
  • Image Bert Stevens
    Bert Stevens
  • Image Beulah Christian
    Beulah Christian
  • Image Beverly Wills
    Beverly Wills
  • Image Billy Gray
    Billy Gray
  • Image Billy Wayne
    Billy Wayne
  • Image Bing Conley
    Bing Conley
  • Image Bobby Gilbert
    Bobby Gilbert
  • Image Brandon Beach
    Brandon Beach
  • Image Carl M. Leviness
    Carl M. Leviness
  • Image Carl Sklover
    Carl Sklover
  • Image Colleen O'Sullivan
    Colleen O'Sullivan
  • Image Cosmo Sardo
    Cosmo Sardo
  • Image Danny Richards Jr.
    Danny Richards Jr.
  • Image Dave Barry
    Dave Barry
  • Image Duke Fishman
    Duke Fishman
  • Image Edward G. Robinson Jr.
    Edward G. Robinson Jr.
  • Image Edwin Rochelle
    Edwin Rochelle
  • Image Frank McLure
    Frank McLure
  • Image Franklyn Farnum
    Franklyn Farnum
  • Image Fred Sherman
    Fred Sherman
  • Image George E. Stone
    George E. Stone
  • Image George Ford
    George Ford
  • Image George Lake
    George Lake
  • Image George Raft
    George Raft
  • Image Grace Lee Whitney
    Grace Lee Whitney
  • Image Hank Mann
    Hank Mann
  • Image Harold 'Tommy' Hart
    Harold 'Tommy' Hart
  • Image Harry Wilson
    Harry Wilson
  • Image Helen Perry
    Helen Perry
  • Image Jack Gordon
    Jack Gordon
  • Image Jack Lemmon
    Jack Lemmon
  • Image Jack Mather
    Jack Mather
  • Image Jack Perry
    Jack Perry
  • Image James Dime
    James Dime
  • Image James J. Casino
    James J. Casino
  • Image Joan Fields
    Joan Fields
  • Image Joan Shawlee
    Joan Shawlee
  • Image Joanne Genthon
    Joanne Genthon
  • Image Joe E. Brown
    Joe E. Brown
  • Image Joe Gray
    Joe Gray
  • Image Joe Palma
    Joe Palma
  • Image John Cretoria
    John Cretoria
  • Image John Indrisano
    John Indrisano
  • Image John Logan
    John Logan
  • Image John Roy
    John Roy
  • Image Joseph Glick
    Joseph Glick
  • Image Joseph La Cava
    Joseph La Cava
  • Image King Lockwood
    King Lockwood
  • Image Laurie Mitchell
    Laurie Mitchell
  • Image Marian Collier
    Marian Collier
  • Image Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe
  • Image Mary Foley
    Mary Foley
  • Image Mike Mazurki
    Mike Mazurki
  • Image Nehemiah Persoff
    Nehemiah Persoff
  • Image Noble Chissell
    Noble Chissell
  • Image Pat Comiskey
    Pat Comiskey
  • Image Pat O'Brien
    Pat O'Brien
  • Image Paul Cristo
    Paul Cristo
  • Image Paul Frees
    Paul Frees
  • Image Penny McGuiggan
    Penny McGuiggan
  • Image Phil Bloom
    Phil Bloom
  • Image Ralph Volkie
    Ralph Volkie
  • Image Robert Cole
    Robert Cole
  • Image Sam Bagley
    Sam Bagley
  • Image Sam Harris
    Sam Harris
  • Image Sammy Shack
    Sammy Shack
  • Image Sandra Warner
    Sandra Warner
  • Image Scott Seaton
    Scott Seaton
  • Image Shep Houghton
    Shep Houghton
  • Image Sid Troy
    Sid Troy
  • Image Steve Carruthers
    Steve Carruthers
  • Image Stuart Hall
    Stuart Hall
  • Image Ted Christy
    Ted Christy
  • Image Ted Hook
    Ted Hook
  • Image Tiger Joe Marsh
    Tiger Joe Marsh
  • Image Tipp McClure
    Tipp McClure
  • Image Tito Vuolo
    Tito Vuolo
  • Image Tom Kennedy
    Tom Kennedy
  • Image Tony Curtis
    Tony Curtis
  • Image William H. O'Brien
    William H. O'Brien
  • Image William Hoehne Jr.
    William Hoehne Jr.
  • Image Willie Bloom
    Willie Bloom
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