Song to Song

2h 9m

In this modern love story set against the Austin, Texas music scene, two entangled couples — struggling songwriters Faye and BV, and music mogul Cook and the waitress whom he ensnares — chase success through a rock ‘n’ roll landscape of seduction and betrayal.


  • Image Aaron Isaac Vasquez
    Aaron Isaac Vasquez
  • Image Alan Palomo
    Alan Palomo
  • Image Alana Greenfield
    Alana Greenfield
  • Image Amber McConnell
    Amber McConnell
  • Image Angela Bettis
    Angela Bettis
  • Image Anthony Kiedis
    Anthony Kiedis
  • Image Anthony Montanino
    Anthony Montanino
  • Image Austin Amelio
    Austin Amelio
  • Image Batan Silva
    Batan Silva
  • Image Beau Harris
    Beau Harris
  • Image Bérénice Marlohe
    Bérénice Marlohe
  • Image Big Freedia
    Big Freedia
  • Image Bill Lemens
    Bill Lemens
  • Image Brady Coleman
    Brady Coleman
  • Image Callie Hernandez
    Callie Hernandez
  • Image Camille Natta
    Camille Natta
  • Image Camille Phillips
    Camille Phillips
  • Image Caroline McNeil
    Caroline McNeil
  • Image Cate Blanchett
    Cate Blanchett
  • Image Chad Smith
    Chad Smith
  • Image Chase Joliet
    Chase Joliet
  • Image Cheryl Bond Danks
    Cheryl Bond Danks
  • Image Chris Combs
    Chris Combs
  • Image Christin Sawyer Davis
    Christin Sawyer Davis
  • Image Cole Alexander
    Cole Alexander
  • Image Craig Fehrman
    Craig Fehrman
  • Image Dana Falconberry
    Dana Falconberry
  • Image David Shea Henne
    David Shea Henne
  • Image Deborah Orazi
    Deborah Orazi
  • Image Dora Madison
    Dora Madison
  • Image Ellary Dahl
    Ellary Dahl
  • Image Eric Robbins
    Eric Robbins
  • Image Erik Sprague
    Erik Sprague
  • Image Father John Misty
    Father John Misty
  • Image Flea
  • Image Florence Welch
    Florence Welch
  • Image Frédéric André
    Frédéric André
  • Image Gabriella Rhodeen
    Gabriella Rhodeen
  • Image Gareth Maguire
    Gareth Maguire
  • Image Graciela Montalvo
    Graciela Montalvo
  • Image Heather Kafka
    Heather Kafka
  • Image Holly Hunter
    Holly Hunter
  • Image Ian St. Pe Brown
    Ian St. Pe Brown
  • Image Iggy Pop
    Iggy Pop
  • Image Jacob Ferro
    Jacob Ferro
  • Image Jaime Gallagher
    Jaime Gallagher
  • Image James Earl
    James Earl "Hoot" Gibson
  • Image James Garrigan
    James Garrigan
  • Image James Montalvo
    James Montalvo
  • Image Jared Swilley
    Jared Swilley
  • Image Jaylyn Jones
    Jaylyn Jones
  • Image Jennah Love Montalvo
    Jennah Love Montalvo
  • Image Jeremy O. Harris
    Jeremy O. Harris
  • Image Jerry Chancy
    Jerry Chancy
  • Image Jessa Peters
    Jessa Peters
  • Image John Lydon
    John Lydon
  • Image Johnny Walter
    Johnny Walter
  • Image Joseph Bradley
    Joseph Bradley
  • Image Josh Klinghoffer
    Josh Klinghoffer
  • Image June Griffin Garcia
    June Griffin Garcia
  • Image Keri Bruno
    Keri Bruno
  • Image Kingsley Blair
    Kingsley Blair
  • Image Leah Love Montalvo
    Leah Love Montalvo
  • Image Linda Emond
    Linda Emond
  • Image Louanne Stephens
    Louanne Stephens
  • Image Lupe Trejo
    Lupe Trejo
  • Image Lykke Li
    Lykke Li
  • Image Maria Engler
    Maria Engler
  • Image Michael Fassbender
    Michael Fassbender
  • Image Naeem Juwan
    Naeem Juwan
  • Image Natalie Maddox
    Natalie Maddox
  • Image Natalie Makenna
    Natalie Makenna
  • Image Natalie Portman
    Natalie Portman
  • Image Neely Bingham
    Neely Bingham
  • Image Nina Varano
    Nina Varano
  • Image Olivia Grace Applegate
    Olivia Grace Applegate
  • Image Oscar Berreres
    Oscar Berreres
  • Image Patti Smith
    Patti Smith
  • Image Peggy Schott
    Peggy Schott
  • Image Richard Dillard
    Richard Dillard
  • Image Rob Faubion
    Rob Faubion
  • Image Rooney Mara
    Rooney Mara
  • Image Ryan Gosling
    Ryan Gosling
  • Image Sara Quin
    Sara Quin
  • Image Savanah Montalvo
    Savanah Montalvo
  • Image Savannah Welch
    Savannah Welch
  • Image Sergine Dumais
    Sergine Dumais
  • Image Stephen Latham
    Stephen Latham
  • Image Steven Mitchell
    Steven Mitchell
  • Image Tangaroa Pineapple
    Tangaroa Pineapple
  • Image Tegan Quin
    Tegan Quin
  • Image Thomas Fletcher Henley
    Thomas Fletcher Henley
  • Image Timothy Ritzenthaler
    Timothy Ritzenthaler
  • Image Tom Macdonald
    Tom Macdonald
  • Image Tom Sturridge
    Tom Sturridge
  • Image Val Kilmer
    Val Kilmer
  • Image Vanessa Amaya
    Vanessa Amaya
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