Split Second

1h 30m

In a flooded future London, Detective Harley Stone (Rutger Hauer) hunts a serial killer who murdered his partner and has haunted him ever since. He soon discovers what he is hunting might not be human.


  • Image Alan Stocks
    Alan Stocks
  • Image Alastair Duncan
    Alastair Duncan
  • Image Alun Armstrong
    Alun Armstrong
  • Image Angie Hill
    Angie Hill
  • Image Charlotte Hick
    Charlotte Hick
  • Image Chris Chappell
    Chris Chappell
  • Image Colin Skeaping
    Colin Skeaping
  • Image Dave Duffy
    Dave Duffy
  • Image Ian Dury
    Ian Dury
  • Image Jason Watkins
    Jason Watkins
  • Image Ken Bones
    Ken Bones
  • Image Kim Cattrall
    Kim Cattrall
  • Image Michael J. Pollard
    Michael J. Pollard
  • Image Morris Paton
    Morris Paton
  • Image Paul Grayson
    Paul Grayson
  • Image Pete Postlethwaite
    Pete Postlethwaite
  • Image Roberta Eaton
    Roberta Eaton
  • Image Rutger Hauer
    Rutger Hauer
  • Image Sara Stockbridge
    Sara Stockbridge
  • Image Steven Hartley
    Steven Hartley
  • Image Stewart Harvey-Wilson
    Stewart Harvey-Wilson
  • Image Tina Shaw
    Tina Shaw
  • Image Tony Steedman
    Tony Steedman
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