1h 36m

A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo, and learn something about each other in the process.


  • Image Al Lee
    Al Lee
  • Image Andy Devine
    Andy Devine
  • Image Artie Ortego
    Artie Ortego
  • Image Berton Churchill
    Berton Churchill
  • Image Bill Cody
    Bill Cody
  • Image Brenda Fowler
    Brenda Fowler
  • Image Bryant Washburn
    Bryant Washburn
  • Image Buddy Roosevelt
    Buddy Roosevelt
  • Image Chief John Big Tree
    Chief John Big Tree
  • Image Chris Phillips
    Chris Phillips
  • Image Chris-Pin Martin
    Chris-Pin Martin
  • Image Chuck Stubbs
    Chuck Stubbs
  • Image Claire Trevor
    Claire Trevor
  • Image Cornelius Keefe
    Cornelius Keefe
  • Image Danny Borzage
    Danny Borzage
  • Image Donald Meek
    Donald Meek
  • Image Dorothy Appleby
    Dorothy Appleby
  • Image Duke R. Lee
    Duke R. Lee
  • Image Ed Brady
    Ed Brady
  • Image Elvira Ríos
    Elvira Ríos
  • Image Florence Lake
    Florence Lake
  • Image Francis Ford
    Francis Ford
  • Image Franklyn Farnum
    Franklyn Farnum
  • Image Fritzi Brunette
    Fritzi Brunette
  • Image George Bancroft
    George Bancroft
  • Image Hank Worden
    Hank Worden
  • Image Harry Tenbrook
    Harry Tenbrook
  • Image Helen Gibson
    Helen Gibson
  • Image J.P. McGowan
    J.P. McGowan
  • Image Jack Curtis
    Jack Curtis
  • Image Jack Mohr
    Jack Mohr
  • Image Jack Pennick
    Jack Pennick
  • Image Jim Mason
    Jim Mason
  • Image Joe Rickson
    Joe Rickson
  • Image John Carradine
    John Carradine
  • Image John Wayne
    John Wayne
  • Image Johnny Eckert
    Johnny Eckert
  • Image Kent Odell
    Kent Odell
  • Image Leonard Trainor
    Leonard Trainor
  • Image Louis Mason
    Louis Mason
  • Image Louise Platt
    Louise Platt
  • Image Marga Ann Deighton
    Marga Ann Deighton
  • Image Mary Kathleen Walker
    Mary Kathleen Walker
  • Image Merrill McCormick
    Merrill McCormick
  • Image Mickey Simpson
    Mickey Simpson
  • Image Nora Cecil
    Nora Cecil
  • Image Patricia Doyle
    Patricia Doyle
  • Image Paul McVey
    Paul McVey
  • Image Robert Homans
    Robert Homans
  • Image Si Jenks
    Si Jenks
  • Image Steve Clemente
    Steve Clemente
  • Image Ted Billings
    Ted Billings
  • Image Tex Driscoll
    Tex Driscoll
  • Image Theodore Lorch
    Theodore Lorch
  • Image Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell
  • Image Tim Holt
    Tim Holt
  • Image Tom Tyler
    Tom Tyler
  • Image Vester Pegg
    Vester Pegg
  • Image Walter McGrail
    Walter McGrail
  • Image Whitehorse
  • Image Wiggie Blowne
    Wiggie Blowne
  • Image William Hopper
    William Hopper
  • Image Woody Strode
    Woody Strode
  • Image Yakima Canutt
    Yakima Canutt
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