Step Up 3D

1h 47m

A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke and Natalie, team up with NYU freshman Moose, and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.


  • Image Aaron 'Deuce' Cooke
    Aaron 'Deuce' Cooke
  • Image Adam G. Sevani
    Adam G. Sevani
  • Image Adrian Wiltshire
    Adrian Wiltshire
  • Image Aja George
    Aja George
  • Image Akira Takayama
    Akira Takayama
  • Image Alex Charak
    Alex Charak
  • Image Alex Zelenty
    Alex Zelenty
  • Image Alicia Quiñones
    Alicia Quiñones
  • Image Ally Maki
    Ally Maki
  • Image Alyson Stoner
    Alyson Stoner
  • Image Anjelo 'Lil Demon' Baligad
    Anjelo 'Lil Demon' Baligad
  • Image Anthony Carr
    Anthony Carr
  • Image Ashlee Nino
    Ashlee Nino
  • Image Ashley Sugarman
    Ashley Sugarman
  • Image Bailey Hanks
    Bailey Hanks
  • Image Britney 'B' Thomas
    Britney 'B' Thomas
  • Image Bryan Dechart
    Bryan Dechart
  • Image Carly Lang
    Carly Lang
  • Image Carolina Ravassa
    Carolina Ravassa
  • Image Casper Smart
    Casper Smart
  • Image Cedric Gardner
    Cedric Gardner
  • Image Chadd Smith
    Chadd Smith
  • Image Cheryl Alessio
    Cheryl Alessio
  • Image Chris Kulanusorstit
    Chris Kulanusorstit
  • Image Christopher Place
    Christopher Place
  • Image Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott
  • Image Dan Ziskie
    Dan Ziskie
  • Image Daniel 'Cloud' Campos
    Daniel 'Cloud' Campos
  • Image Danielle Polanco
    Danielle Polanco
  • Image Dave Scott
    Dave Scott
  • Image David Brown
    David Brown
  • Image Delia Goncalves
    Delia Goncalves
  • Image Dylan Hartigan
    Dylan Hartigan
  • Image Facundo Lombard
    Facundo Lombard
  • Image George Alexander
    George Alexander
  • Image Grandmaster Caz
    Grandmaster Caz
  • Image Harry Shum Jr.
    Harry Shum Jr.
  • Image Hi-Hat
  • Image Ivan 'Flipz' Velez
    Ivan 'Flipz' Velez
  • Image Ivan Koumaev
    Ivan Koumaev
  • Image Jaime Burgos III
    Jaime Burgos III
  • Image Jalen Testerman
    Jalen Testerman
  • Image Jamal Sims
    Jamal Sims
  • Image Janelle Cambridge
    Janelle Cambridge
  • Image Jason Etter
    Jason Etter
  • Image Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann
    Jeffrey 'Machine' McCann
  • Image Jennifer Van Dyck
    Jennifer Van Dyck
  • Image Jeremy Hudson
    Jeremy Hudson
  • Image Jimmy Smagula
    Jimmy Smagula
  • Image Joe Slaughter
    Joe Slaughter
  • Image John 'J-Rock' Nelson
    John 'J-Rock' Nelson
  • Image Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez
    Jonathan 'Legacy' Perez
  • Image Jose 'Boy Boi' Tena
    Jose 'Boy Boi' Tena
  • Image Joseph Charles Kaye
    Joseph Charles Kaye
  • Image Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen
  • Image Joshua Lee Ayers
    Joshua Lee Ayers
  • Image Josue Anthony
    Josue Anthony
  • Image Kathy Najimy
    Kathy Najimy
  • Image Keith Stallworth
    Keith Stallworth
  • Image Ken Marks
    Ken Marks
  • Image Kendra Andrews
    Kendra Andrews
  • Image Kevin Chew
    Kevin Chew
  • Image Kristen Kress Parness
    Kristen Kress Parness
  • Image Kylie Goldstein
    Kylie Goldstein
  • Image LaJon Dantzler
    LaJon Dantzler
  • Image Leon C. Carswell
    Leon C. Carswell
  • Image Luis Rosado
    Luis Rosado
  • Image Mari Koda
    Mari Koda
  • Image Marie 'Pandora' Medina
    Marie 'Pandora' Medina
  • Image Mark Blum
    Mark Blum
  • Image Mark Tallman
    Mark Tallman
  • Image Marley Marl
    Marley Marl
  • Image Martín Lombard
    Martín Lombard
  • Image Michael Trobiano
    Michael Trobiano
  • Image Moe Hindi
    Moe Hindi
  • Image Moises Rivas
    Moises Rivas
  • Image Monique Dupree
    Monique Dupree
  • Image Morris Isby
    Morris Isby
  • Image Nick DeMoura
    Nick DeMoura
  • Image Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson
  • Image Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez
  • Image Oren Michaeli
    Oren Michaeli
  • Image Owen J. Murphy
    Owen J. Murphy
  • Image Penelope Vazquez
    Penelope Vazquez
  • Image Philip Albuquerque
    Philip Albuquerque
  • Image Raymond Del Barrio
    Raymond Del Barrio
  • Image Rhapsody James
    Rhapsody James
  • Image Ricardo 'Boogie Frantick' Rodriguez Jr.
    Ricardo 'Boogie Frantick' Rodriguez Jr.
  • Image Richard Steelo Vasquez
    Richard Steelo Vasquez
  • Image Richie Soto
    Richie Soto
  • Image Rick Malambri
    Rick Malambri
  • Image Robin Lord Taylor
    Robin Lord Taylor
  • Image Ruby Feliciano
    Ruby Feliciano
  • Image Ryan Daniel Beck
    Ryan Daniel Beck
  • Image Sal Mistretta
    Sal Mistretta
  • Image Sawandi Wilson
    Sawandi Wilson
  • Image Sean Van der Wilt
    Sean Van der Wilt
  • Image Sharni Vinson
    Sharni Vinson
  • Image Sharya Howell
    Sharya Howell
  • Image Shauna Mitchell
    Shauna Mitchell
  • Image Shawn Breathwaite
    Shawn Breathwaite
  • Image Simrin C. Player
    Simrin C. Player
  • Image Sonnie Brown
    Sonnie Brown
  • Image Stefanie Paige
    Stefanie Paige
  • Image Stephen Boss
    Stephen Boss
  • Image Straphanio 'Shonnie' Solomon
    Straphanio 'Shonnie' Solomon
  • Image Tamara Levinson
    Tamara Levinson
  • Image Terence Dickson
    Terence Dickson
  • Image Terrance Harrison
    Terrance Harrison
  • Image Tony Styles
    Tony Styles
  • Image Tyrell Washington
    Tyrell Washington
  • Image Uzimann
  • Image Zachary McElderry
    Zachary McElderry
  • Image Zahra 'Jeskilz' Hamani
    Zahra 'Jeskilz' Hamani
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