Stolen Days

1h 45m
  • Il ladro di giorni
  • 06-02-2020
  • Drama
  • Guido Lombardi
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Salvo was five when his father Vincenzo was arrested, practically before his eyes. Seven years later Salvo lives with his uncles and his cousin a controlled and peaceful existence in the Turin area, but his father returns and claims his son for four days. Vincenzo has to carry an important load to Bari and brings Salvo (nomen est omen) with him as insurance: a child is better than a gun, he says, because his presence in the event of a possible police detention can have a distracting effect . This however is not the only reason why Vincenzo wants Salvo with him, and the "Salv-atore" child will prove to be a potential vehicle of redemption for that messed up father, but not entirely devoid of feelings and attentions.


  • Image Augusto Zazzaro
    Augusto Zazzaro
  • Image Carlo Cerciello
    Carlo Cerciello
  • Image Christophe Hulsen
    Christophe Hulsen
  • Image Giorgio Careccia
    Giorgio Careccia
  • Image Giuseppe Cristiano
    Giuseppe Cristiano
  • Image Katia Fellin
    Katia Fellin
  • Image Leandra Concetta Fili
    Leandra Concetta Fili
  • Image Massimo Popolizio
    Massimo Popolizio
  • Image Michele Capuano
    Michele Capuano
  • Image Mily Cultrera di Montesano
    Mily Cultrera di Montesano
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    Riccardo Scamarcio
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    Rosa Diletta Rossi
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    Vanessa Scalera
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