Stolen Identity 2

1h 58m

A couple of months have passed since the serial murder case. A new dead body is found in the same area. Detective Manabu Kagaya tries to find the truth. He goes to see serial killer Yoshiharu Urano in prison.


  • Image Akira 100%
    Akira 100%
  • Image Arata Iura
    Arata Iura
  • Image Hiroki Suzuki
    Hiroki Suzuki
  • Image Kazuki Iio
    Kazuki Iio
  • Image Keiko Kitagawa
    Keiko Kitagawa
  • Image ko-dai
  • Image Mai Shiraishi
    Mai Shiraishi
  • Image Mio Imada
    Mio Imada
  • Image Nao
  • Image Noriko Eguchi
    Noriko Eguchi
  • Image Risako Tanigawa
    Risako Tanigawa
  • Image Ryô Narita
    Ryô Narita
  • Image Taizo Harada
    Taizo Harada
  • Image Takuma Otoo
    Takuma Otoo
  • Image Tanaka Kei
    Tanaka Kei
  • Image Tetsushi Tanaka
    Tetsushi Tanaka
  • Image Yu Takahashi
    Yu Takahashi
  • Image Yudai Chiba
    Yudai Chiba
  • Image Yuki Hirako
    Yuki Hirako
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