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Image Sunshine



Sunshine is a three-part comedy drama that began on 7 October 2008 on BBC1 from the co-writers of The Royle Family and Early Doors. These co-writers, Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, also appear in the series.

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  • Image Adam Zane
    Adam Zane
  • Image Alexander Bain
    Alexander Bain
  • Image Anthony Bessick
    Anthony Bessick
  • Image Bernard Hill
    Bernard Hill
  • Image Caroline Aherne
    Caroline Aherne
  • Image Catherine Terris
    Catherine Terris
  • Image Cleveland Campbell
    Cleveland Campbell
  • Image Craig Cash
    Craig Cash
  • Image Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan
  • Image Daniel Scott Yarnold
    Daniel Scott Yarnold
  • Image David Woodcock
    David Woodcock
  • Image Dianne Oxberry
    Dianne Oxberry
  • Image Dominic Senior
    Dominic Senior
  • Image Dorothy Atkinson
    Dorothy Atkinson
  • Image Eamon Boland
    Eamon Boland
  • Image Eamonn Riley
    Eamonn Riley
  • Image Geoffrey Hutchings
    Geoffrey Hutchings
  • Image Grace Clarke
    Grace Clarke
  • Image Joan Kempson
    Joan Kempson
  • Image John Churnside
    John Churnside
  • Image John Elkington
    John Elkington
  • Image Judith Barker
    Judith Barker
  • Image Kate Holderness
    Kate Holderness
  • Image Lisa Millett
    Lisa Millett
  • Image Lorraine Cheshire
    Lorraine Cheshire
  • Image Neil Bell
    Neil Bell
  • Image Paul Hickey
    Paul Hickey
  • Image Peter Gunn
    Peter Gunn
  • Image Peter Wight
    Peter Wight
  • Image Phil Mealey
    Phil Mealey
  • Image Richard Synott
    Richard Synott
  • Image Rita May
    Rita May
  • Image Rodney Litchfield
    Rodney Litchfield
  • Image Sarah Ashton
    Sarah Ashton
  • Image Sarah Baxendale
    Sarah Baxendale
  • Image Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus
  • Image Steve Coogan
    Steve Coogan
  • Image Tony Mooney
    Tony Mooney
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