Super Fuzz

1h 44m

Dave Speed is no ordinary Miami policeman; he is an irradiated cop who has developed super powers. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite know how to use them, which gets him into trouble with his long-suffering partner. Red powder from a nuclear explosion gave him super powers and seeing anything red is his only weakness.


  • Image Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor
  • Image Bobby Gale
    Bobby Gale
  • Image Buffy Dee
    Buffy Dee
  • Image Charles Buie
    Charles Buie
  • Image Charles D. Thomas
    Charles D. Thomas
  • Image Clarence Thomas
    Clarence Thomas
  • Image Claudio Ruffini
    Claudio Ruffini
  • Image Dan Fitzgerald
    Dan Fitzgerald
  • Image Don Sebastian
    Don Sebastian
  • Image Dow Stout
    Dow Stout
  • Image Ernest Borgnine
    Ernest Borgnine
  • Image Florance McGee
    Florance McGee
  • Image Harold Bergman
    Harold Bergman
  • Image Herb Goldstein
    Herb Goldstein
  • Image Jack McDermott
    Jack McDermott
  • Image Joanne Dru
    Joanne Dru
  • Image Josi Konski
    Josi Konski
  • Image Julian Voloshin
    Julian Voloshin
  • Image Julie Gordon
    Julie Gordon
  • Image Lee Sandman
    Lee Sandman
  • Image Lou Colombo
    Lou Colombo
  • Image Marc Lawrence
    Marc Lawrence
  • Image Salvatore Borgese
    Salvatore Borgese
  • Image Sam Siegel
    Sam Siegel
  • Image Sergio Smacchi
    Sergio Smacchi
  • Image Terence Hill
    Terence Hill
  • Image Woody Woodbury
    Woody Woodbury
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