2h 4m

After losing a powerful orb, Kara, Superman's cousin, comes to Earth to retrieve it and instead finds herself up against a wicked witch.


  • Image Bill Mitchell
    Bill Mitchell
  • Image Brenda Vaccaro
    Brenda Vaccaro
  • Image Christian J. Fletcher
    Christian J. Fletcher
  • Image David Healy
    David Healy
  • Image Diana Ricardo
    Diana Ricardo
  • Image Faye Dunaway
    Faye Dunaway
  • Image Glory Annen
    Glory Annen
  • Image Hart Bochner
    Hart Bochner
  • Image Helen Slater
    Helen Slater
  • Image Jenifer Landor
    Jenifer Landor
  • Image Julia Lewis
    Julia Lewis
  • Image Kelly Hunter
    Kelly Hunter
  • Image Lynsey Beauchamp
    Lynsey Beauchamp
  • Image Marc McClure
    Marc McClure
  • Image Matt Frewer
    Matt Frewer
  • Image Maureen Teefy
    Maureen Teefy
  • Image Mia Farrow
    Mia Farrow
  • Image Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor
  • Image Nancy Lippold
    Nancy Lippold
  • Image Nancy Wood
    Nancy Wood
  • Image Peter Cook
    Peter Cook
  • Image Peter O'Toole
    Peter O'Toole
  • Image Robyn Mandell
    Robyn Mandell
  • Image Sandra Dickinson
    Sandra Dickinson
  • Image Simon Ward
    Simon Ward
  • Image Sonya Leite
    Sonya Leite
  • Image Virginia Greig
    Virginia Greig
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