1h 48m

Juan López must balance an office job with heroic feats to save the love of his life and native planet Chitón.


  • Image Alejandro Serrano
    Alejandro Serrano
  • Image Alexandra Jiménez
    Alexandra Jiménez
  • Image Berto Romero
    Berto Romero
  • Image Carlos Zabala
    Carlos Zabala
  • Image César Riola
    César Riola
  • Image Dani Rovira
    Dani Rovira
  • Image David Fernández
    David Fernández
  • Image Eduard Benito
    Eduard Benito
  • Image Ferran Rañé
    Ferran Rañé
  • Image Gonzalo de Castro
    Gonzalo de Castro
  • Image Gracia Olayo
    Gracia Olayo
  • Image Jordi Colom
    Jordi Colom
  • Image Julián López
    Julián López
  • Image Marc Rodríguez
    Marc Rodríguez
  • Image Maribel Verdú
    Maribel Verdú
  • Image Mireia Portas
    Mireia Portas
  • Image Nao Albet
    Nao Albet
  • Image Pedro Casablanc
    Pedro Casablanc
  • Image Teresa Rodríguez
    Teresa Rodríguez
  • Image Xavi Colom
    Xavi Colom
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