Superman II

2h 7m

Three escaped criminals from the planet Krypton test the Man of Steel's mettle. Led by General Zod, the Kryptonians take control of the White House and partner with Lex Luthor to destroy Superman and rule the world. But Superman, who attempts to make himself human in order to get closer to Lois, realizes he has a responsibility to save the planet.


  • Image Alain Dehay
    Alain Dehay
  • Image Alan Stuart
    Alan Stuart
  • Image Angus MacInnes
    Angus MacInnes
  • Image Anthony Milner
    Anthony Milner
  • Image Antony Sher
    Antony Sher
  • Image Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey
  • Image Carl Parris
    Carl Parris
  • Image Christopher Reeve
    Christopher Reeve
  • Image Cleon Spencer
    Cleon Spencer
  • Image Clifton James
    Clifton James
  • Image Dinny Powell
    Dinny Powell
  • Image Don Fellows
    Don Fellows
  • Image E.G. Marshall
    E.G. Marshall
  • Image Elva Mai Hoover
    Elva Mai Hoover
  • Image Eugene Lipinski
    Eugene Lipinski
  • Image Gene Hackman
    Gene Hackman
  • Image Gordon Rollings
    Gordon Rollings
  • Image Hadley Kay
    Hadley Kay
  • Image Hal Galili
    Hal Galili
  • Image Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper
  • Image Jack O'Halloran
    Jack O'Halloran
  • Image Jackie Cooper
    Jackie Cooper
  • Image Jim Dowdall
    Jim Dowdall
  • Image John Hollis
    John Hollis
  • Image John Morton
    John Morton
  • Image John Ratzenberger
    John Ratzenberger
  • Image Leueen Willoughby
    Leueen Willoughby
  • Image Marc Boyle
    Marc Boyle
  • Image Marc McClure
    Marc McClure
  • Image Marcus D'Amico
    Marcus D'Amico
  • Image Margot Kidder
    Margot Kidder
  • Image Melissa Wiltsie
    Melissa Wiltsie
  • Image Michael Shannon
    Michael Shannon
  • Image Ned Beatty
    Ned Beatty
  • Image Norman Chancer
    Norman Chancer
  • Image Pamela Mandell
    Pamela Mandell
  • Image Pepper Martin
    Pepper Martin
  • Image Peter Whitman
    Peter Whitman
  • Image Richard Griffiths
    Richard Griffiths
  • Image Richard LeParmentier
    Richard LeParmentier
  • Image Robin Pappas
    Robin Pappas
  • Image Roger Brierley
    Roger Brierley
  • Image Roger Kemp
    Roger Kemp
  • Image Sarah Douglas
    Sarah Douglas
  • Image Shane Rimmer
    Shane Rimmer
  • Image Susannah York
    Susannah York
  • Image Terence Stamp
    Terence Stamp
  • Image Todd Woodcroft
    Todd Woodcroft
  • Image Tommy Duggan
    Tommy Duggan
  • Image Tony Sibbald
    Tony Sibbald
  • Image Valerie Perrine
    Valerie Perrine
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