1h 21m

Orphan Mary Katherine Gallagher, an ugly duckling at St. Monica High School, has a dream: to be kissed soulfully. She decides she can realize this dream if she becomes a superstar, so her prayers, her fantasies, and her conversations with her only friend focus on achieving super-stardom.


  • Image Aidan Kelly
    Aidan Kelly
  • Image Boyd Banks
    Boyd Banks
  • Image Chuck Campbell
    Chuck Campbell
  • Image Dan Redican
    Dan Redican
  • Image Deirdre McCloskey
    Deirdre McCloskey
  • Image Donna Hanover
    Donna Hanover
  • Image Elaine Hendrix
    Elaine Hendrix
  • Image Emmy Laybourne
    Emmy Laybourne
  • Image Fraser McGregor
    Fraser McGregor
  • Image Gerry Bamman
    Gerry Bamman
  • Image Glynis Johns
    Glynis Johns
  • Image Harland Williams
    Harland Williams
  • Image Jack Newman
    Jack Newman
  • Image Jane Moffat
    Jane Moffat
  • Image Jason Blicker
    Jason Blicker
  • Image Jason Sehorn
    Jason Sehorn
  • Image Jean Howell
    Jean Howell
  • Image Jennifer Irwin
    Jennifer Irwin
  • Image Joan Massiah
    Joan Massiah
  • Image Joanna Bennett
    Joanna Bennett
  • Image Jonathan Gabriel Robbins
    Jonathan Gabriel Robbins
  • Image Karyn Dwyer
    Karyn Dwyer
  • Image Mallory Margel
    Mallory Margel
  • Image Mark McKinney
    Mark McKinney
  • Image Molly Shannon
    Molly Shannon
  • Image Natalie Radford
    Natalie Radford
  • Image Rob Stefaniuk
    Rob Stefaniuk
  • Image Robert Clark
    Robert Clark
  • Image Spencer Humm
    Spencer Humm
  • Image Tom Green
    Tom Green
  • Image Tracy Wright
    Tracy Wright
  • Image Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell
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