Taxi 5

1h 42m

A police officer who's transfered in the police of Marseille gets assigned to take down a group of Italian robbers who drive the powerfull Ferrari's with the older niece of Daniel, a terrible driver who gets the legendary white taxi.


  • Image Anne Lise Schaich
    Anne Lise Schaich
  • Image Anouar Toubali
    Anouar Toubali
  • Image Arriles Amrani
    Arriles Amrani
  • Image Bengous
  • Image Bernard Farcy
    Bernard Farcy
  • Image Charlotte Gabris
    Charlotte Gabris
  • Image Cut Killer
    Cut Killer
  • Image David Salles
    David Salles
  • Image Edouard Montoute
    Edouard Montoute
  • Image Elisa Bujnowskyj
    Elisa Bujnowskyj
  • Image Elise Larnicol
    Elise Larnicol
  • Image Éric Fraticelli
    Éric Fraticelli
  • Image Fabrizio Nevola
    Fabrizio Nevola
  • Image Fatsah Bouyahmed
    Fatsah Bouyahmed
  • Image Franck Gastambide
    Franck Gastambide
  • Image François Levantal
    François Levantal
  • Image Frédéric Soulayrol
    Frédéric Soulayrol
  • Image Gregory Fromentin
    Gregory Fromentin
  • Image Hamza Bensahnoune
    Hamza Bensahnoune
  • Image Ichem Bougheraba
    Ichem Bougheraba
  • Image Ichem Saïbi
    Ichem Saïbi
  • Image Janane Boudili
    Janane Boudili
  • Image Jean-Pascal Zadi
    Jean-Pascal Zadi
  • Image Karim Jebli
    Karim Jebli
  • Image Lionel Laget
    Lionel Laget
  • Image Malik Bentalha
    Malik Bentalha
  • Image Monsieur Poulpe
    Monsieur Poulpe
  • Image Moussa Maaskri
    Moussa Maaskri
  • Image Nordine Salhi
    Nordine Salhi
  • Image Pattaya
  • Image Pete Thias
    Pete Thias
  • Image Phélipé
  • Image Philippe Lesoing
    Philippe Lesoing
  • Image Ramzy Bedia
    Ramzy Bedia
  • Image Redouane Bougheraba
    Redouane Bougheraba
  • Image René Maleville
    René Maleville
  • Image Romain Lancry
    Romain Lancry
  • Image Sabrina Ouazani
    Sabrina Ouazani
  • Image Saïd M'Roumbaba
    Saïd M'Roumbaba
  • Image Salvatore Esposito
    Salvatore Esposito
  • Image Sand Van Roy
    Sand Van Roy
  • Image Sissi Duparc
    Sissi Duparc
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