Terra Nova

1h 50m

Inspired by Bernardo Santareno's “The Lugger” and “In the Seas of the End of the World”, this is the story of a captain of a codfish lugger, fishing in the banks of the Newfoundland who decide to risk sailing to Greenland in search of more fish. Along the way, he has to face storms, crew revolt and deal with the best and the worst of humanity when tested in extreme circumstances.


  • Image João Catarré
    João Catarré
  • Image João Craveiro
    João Craveiro
  • Image João Reis
    João Reis
  • Image Manuel Sá Pessoa
    Manuel Sá Pessoa
  • Image Miguel Borges
    Miguel Borges
  • Image Miguel Melo
    Miguel Melo
  • Image Miguel Partidário
    Miguel Partidário
  • Image Paulo Manso
    Paulo Manso
  • Image Pedro Lacerda
    Pedro Lacerda
  • Image Ricardo de Sá
    Ricardo de Sá
  • Image Rodrigo Tomás
    Rodrigo Tomás
  • Image Virgílio Castelo
    Virgílio Castelo
  • Image Vítor Andrade
    Vítor Andrade
  • Image Vítor Norte
    Vítor Norte
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