The 355

2h 2m

A group of top female agents from government agencies around the globe try to stop an organization from acquiring a deadly weapon to send the world into chaos.


  • Image Adam Strawford
    Adam Strawford
  • Image Al Clark
    Al Clark
  • Image Alexis Barbosa
    Alexis Barbosa
  • Image Amanda Rabinowitz
    Amanda Rabinowitz
  • Image Amra Mallassi
    Amra Mallassi
  • Image Atul Sharma
    Atul Sharma
  • Image Bodo Friesecke
    Bodo Friesecke
  • Image Chris Grifoni
    Chris Grifoni
  • Image David Olawale Ayinde
    David Olawale Ayinde
  • Image David Yu
    David Yu
  • Image Dee Pearce
    Dee Pearce
  • Image Diane Kruger
    Diane Kruger
  • Image Edgar Ramírez
    Edgar Ramírez
  • Image Emilio Insolera
    Emilio Insolera
  • Image Emily Ng
    Emily Ng
  • Image Evie Wray
    Evie Wray
  • Image Fan Bingbing
    Fan Bingbing
  • Image Francisco Labbe
    Francisco Labbe
  • Image Gino Picciano
    Gino Picciano
  • Image Graham Burton
    Graham Burton
  • Image Graham J. Reeves
    Graham J. Reeves
  • Image Hiten Patel
    Hiten Patel
  • Image Indy Singh
    Indy Singh
  • Image Jag Patel
    Jag Patel
  • Image Jason Wong
    Jason Wong
  • Image Jeremy Oliver
    Jeremy Oliver
  • Image Jessica Chastain
    Jessica Chastain
  • Image Keith Lomas
    Keith Lomas
  • Image Lee Simmons
    Lee Simmons
  • Image Lee Wilkinson
    Lee Wilkinson
  • Image Leo Staar
    Leo Staar
  • Image Lupita Nyong'o
    Lupita Nyong'o
  • Image Mariia Legun
    Mariia Legun
  • Image Marta Svetek
    Marta Svetek
  • Image Martyn Mayger
    Martyn Mayger
  • Image Maryam Hashemi
    Maryam Hashemi
  • Image Maurice Sardison
    Maurice Sardison
  • Image Metin Hassan
    Metin Hassan
  • Image Michael Haydon
    Michael Haydon
  • Image Michelle Thomas
    Michelle Thomas
  • Image Mick Slaney
    Mick Slaney
  • Image Nicholas Blatt
    Nicholas Blatt
  • Image Nina Kumar
    Nina Kumar
  • Image Oleg Kricunova
    Oleg Kricunova
  • Image Patrick Loh
    Patrick Loh
  • Image Paul O'Kelly
    Paul O'Kelly
  • Image Penélope Cruz
    Penélope Cruz
  • Image Peter Trevor
    Peter Trevor
  • Image Raphael Acloque
    Raphael Acloque
  • Image Rina Yadav
    Rina Yadav
  • Image Sam Shoubber
    Sam Shoubber
  • Image Sebastian Stan
    Sebastian Stan
  • Image Steve Saunders
    Steve Saunders
  • Image Toby Sauerback
    Toby Sauerback
  • Image Toni Beard
    Toni Beard
  • Image Waleed Elgadi
    Waleed Elgadi
  • Image Yoon C. Joyce
    Yoon C. Joyce
  • Image Yun Lai
    Yun Lai
  • Image Zsuzsanna Biro
    Zsuzsanna Biro
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