The 40 Year Old Virgin

1h 56m

Andy Stitzer has a pleasant life with a nice apartment and a job stamping invoices at an electronics store. But at age 40, there's one thing Andy hasn't done, and it's really bothering his sex-obsessed male co-workers: Andy is still a virgin. Determined to help Andy get laid, the guys make it their mission to de-virginize him. But it all seems hopeless until Andy meets small business owner Trish, a single mom.


  • Image Ann Christine
    Ann Christine
  • Image Barret Swatek
    Barret Swatek
  • Image Brandon Killham
    Brandon Killham
  • Image Brianna Brown
    Brianna Brown
  • Image Brittney Skye
    Brittney Skye
  • Image Brooke Hamlin
    Brooke Hamlin
  • Image Carla Gallo
    Carla Gallo
  • Image Catherine Keener
    Catherine Keener
  • Image Cedric Yarbrough
    Cedric Yarbrough
  • Image Charlie Hartsock
    Charlie Hartsock
  • Image Chelsea Smith
    Chelsea Smith
  • Image Christa Nicole Wells
    Christa Nicole Wells
  • Image Christopher T. Wood
    Christopher T. Wood
  • Image David Koechner
    David Koechner
  • Image Elizabeth Banks
    Elizabeth Banks
  • Image Elizabeth DeCicco
    Elizabeth DeCicco
  • Image Erica Vittina Phillips
    Erica Vittina Phillips
  • Image Gerry Bednob
    Gerry Bednob
  • Image Gillian Vigman
    Gillian Vigman
  • Image Hilary Shepard
    Hilary Shepard
  • Image Jamie Elle Mann
    Jamie Elle Mann
  • Image Jane Lynch
    Jane Lynch
  • Image Jazzmun
  • Image Jeff Kahn
    Jeff Kahn
  • Image Jenna Fischer
    Jenna Fischer
  • Image Joe Nunez
    Joe Nunez
  • Image Jonah Hill
    Jonah Hill
  • Image Jordan Masterson
    Jordan Masterson
  • Image Kat Dennings
    Kat Dennings
  • Image Kate Luyben
    Kate Luyben
  • Image Kevin Hart
    Kevin Hart
  • Image Kimberly Page
    Kimberly Page
  • Image Kira Turnage
    Kira Turnage
  • Image Leah McCormick
    Leah McCormick
  • Image Lee Weaver
    Lee Weaver
  • Image Leslie Mann
    Leslie Mann
  • Image Liz Carey
    Liz Carey
  • Image Loren Berman
    Loren Berman
  • Image Marika Dominczyk
    Marika Dominczyk
  • Image Marilyn Dodds Frank
    Marilyn Dodds Frank
  • Image Marisa Guterman
    Marisa Guterman
  • Image Michael Bierman
    Michael Bierman
  • Image Miki Mia
    Miki Mia
  • Image Mindy Kaling
    Mindy Kaling
  • Image Miyoko Shimosawa
    Miyoko Shimosawa
  • Image Mo Collins
    Mo Collins
  • Image Nancy Carell
    Nancy Carell
  • Image Nick Lashaway
    Nick Lashaway
  • Image Nicole Randall Johnson
    Nicole Randall Johnson
  • Image Paul Rudd
    Paul Rudd
  • Image Penny Vital
    Penny Vital
  • Image Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith
  • Image Romany Malco
    Romany Malco
  • Image Ron Marasco
    Ron Marasco
  • Image Rose Abdoo
    Rose Abdoo
  • Image Samantha J. Reese
    Samantha J. Reese
  • Image Seth Rogen
    Seth Rogen
  • Image Shannon Bradley
    Shannon Bradley
  • Image Shelley Malil
    Shelley Malil
  • Image Siena Goines
    Siena Goines
  • Image Stephanie Lemelin
    Stephanie Lemelin
  • Image Steve Bannos
    Steve Bannos
  • Image Steve Carell
    Steve Carell
  • Image Stormy Daniels
    Stormy Daniels
  • Image Suzy Nakamura
    Suzy Nakamura
  • Image Wayne Federman
    Wayne Federman
  • Image Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith
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