The Acrobat

2h 14m
  • L'acrobate
  • 07-02-2020
  • Drama
  • Rodrigue Jean
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In an ever-expanding but nondescript North American city, Christophe (Sébastien Ricard), a middle-aged businessman, unexpectedly encounters Micha (Yury Paulau), a Russian acrobat recovering from a horrific injury, while house-hunting. An instant attraction is quickly consummated and they embark on a torrid affair that helps each of them cope with their respective trials. In turn, Rodrigue Jean crafts a provocative, poignant drama about intimacy in an age of anonymity.


  • Image Amine Farhat
    Amine Farhat
  • Image Chloé Germentier
    Chloé Germentier
  • Image Lise Roy
    Lise Roy
  • Image Sébastien Ricard
    Sébastien Ricard
  • Image Victor Fomine
    Victor Fomine
  • Image Yury Paulau
    Yury Paulau
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