The Adjustment Bureau

1h 46m

A man glimpses the future Fate has planned for him – and chooses to fight for his own destiny. Battling the powerful Adjustment Bureau across, under and through the streets of New York, he risks his destined greatness to be with the only woman he's ever loved.


  • Image Amanda Warren
    Amanda Warren
  • Image Anthony Mackie
    Anthony Mackie
  • Image Anthony Ruivivar
    Anthony Ruivivar
  • Image Bart Wilder
    Bart Wilder
  • Image Betty Liu
    Betty Liu
  • Image Brian Haley
    Brian Haley
  • Image Brit Whittle
    Brit Whittle
  • Image Christine McLain
    Christine McLain
  • Image Chuck Scarborough
    Chuck Scarborough
  • Image Daniel Bazile
    Daniel Bazile
  • Image Darrell Lenormand
    Darrell Lenormand
  • Image David Alan Basche
    David Alan Basche
  • Image David Bishins
    David Bishins
  • Image Dina Cataldi
    Dina Cataldi
  • Image Don Hewitt Sr.
    Don Hewitt Sr.
  • Image Donnie Keshawarz
    Donnie Keshawarz
  • Image Emily Blunt
    Emily Blunt
  • Image Fabrizio Brienza
    Fabrizio Brienza
  • Image Florence Kastriner
    Florence Kastriner
  • Image Gregory Lay
    Gregory Lay
  • Image Gregory P. Hitchen
    Gregory P. Hitchen
  • Image James Carville
    James Carville
  • Image Jason Kravits
    Jason Kravits
  • Image Jennifer Ehle
    Jennifer Ehle
  • Image Jessica Keller
    Jessica Keller
  • Image Jim Edward Gately
    Jim Edward Gately
  • Image Joel de la Fuente
    Joel de la Fuente
  • Image John Slattery
    John Slattery
  • Image Johnny Cicco
    Johnny Cicco
  • Image Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart
  • Image Julie Hays
    Julie Hays
  • Image Kar
  • Image Kate Nowlin
    Kate Nowlin
  • Image Kieran Campion
    Kieran Campion
  • Image Kirsty Meares
    Kirsty Meares
  • Image Lauren Hodges
    Lauren Hodges
  • Image Laurie Dawn
    Laurie Dawn
  • Image Lawrence R. Leritz
    Lawrence R. Leritz
  • Image Leroy McClain
    Leroy McClain
  • Image Lisa Thoreson
    Lisa Thoreson
  • Image Lorenzo Pisoni
    Lorenzo Pisoni
  • Image Mary Matalin
    Mary Matalin
  • Image Matt Damon
    Matt Damon
  • Image Meghan Andrews
    Meghan Andrews
  • Image Michael Bloomberg
    Michael Bloomberg
  • Image Michael Boyne
    Michael Boyne
  • Image Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly
  • Image Mike DiSalvo
    Mike DiSalvo
  • Image Natalie Carter
    Natalie Carter
  • Image Pedro Pascal
    Pedro Pascal
  • Image Peter Benson
    Peter Benson
  • Image Peter Epstein
    Peter Epstein
  • Image Peter J. Fernandez
    Peter J. Fernandez
  • Image Phyllis MacBryde
    Phyllis MacBryde
  • Image RJ Konner
    RJ Konner
  • Image Rob Yang
    Rob Yang
  • Image Sandi Carroll
    Sandi Carroll
  • Image Sandra Berrios
    Sandra Berrios
  • Image Shane McRae
    Shane McRae
  • Image Susan D. Michaels
    Susan D. Michaels
  • Image Terence Stamp
    Terence Stamp
  • Image Venida Evans
    Venida Evans
  • Image Wayne Scott Miller
    Wayne Scott Miller
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